Saturday, March 20, 2010

Neither here nor there...

An infinitesimal amount of people visited my blog today. I will not for one minute worry about being well known enough and start thinking of marketing strategies or popularity campaigns, though I'm sure that all such schemes exist. I've noticed that the most simple and insignificant blogs pull in the most followers and that long winded ramblers like me seldom get high up there in the ratings. There's too much to read and people just want something quick and not a treatise on life at my house. However, I always have much to say, and since it's my blog and I will keep saying it, I won't start worrying until the numbers start to really dwindle. Until I'm a lone voice in the desert.

I know that when I write a post about suicide attempts, or self harm, or a total nervous breakdown, with all the drama and tears to go with it, my readership suddenly goes up and I don't know why that is. So, I'm thinking that I must start making things up and have one of those events happen regularly and have lots of drama happen in my life, just as things are slowing down to a dull roar.

I also should post lots of pictures, because people seem to like them, so I'll have to start taking lot's of photographs of Tyke and the cats, which reminds me that I have to put batteries in my camera.

There, I took a bunch of pictures and then had to edit or delete them and locate them on the computer and stick them in a map where I could find them and it was all a little bit tiresome on a new computer. It didn't quite work the same way it did on my old computer, so I had to cheat a bit. A lot of my photographs are stored in Documents, because I could not get them into Images, and I had to store these in Documents also.

I just had to take my medicines and make myself a cup of coffee, because I had a complete sinking in moment. Suddenly life didn't seem all that wonderful and I hope to get over it quickly as soon as I've had my cup of coffee. I know, they are only fleeting feelings.

I bought a cigarette holder today that had a sticker on it that said, "Push here to open," and of course the first thing I did was remove the sticker, so now nobody will know how to open it but me. I also found an old watch with an adjustable metal band in my jewelry box and managed to get it off and attach it to the watch that was still working, but had a broken band. So, I solved that problem. Now the Exfactor doesn't need to go get a new battery for the other watch that stil has a band. The watch I have on is prettier and I bought it myself. It was one of my first purchases as a single woman.

I´m done writing this post now. I´m not all that satisfied with it, but I´m going to publish it anyway. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don´t. think I started out feeling like a nut when I first began this one. You know what you do when you write an unsatisfactory post, don´t you? You immediately start writing another one. I have the feeling that I´m staying up late tonight. It is Saturday after all and I must have my wild night too.

Have a good evening.



Twain12 said...

well, i love your post no mater what you write :D, the pictures are great. Tyke is a cutie and your Cat looks like our late Elmo.
I hope you have a good night !

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I always enjoy your posts and your comments. You blog is unique and you make everyday things interesting. So as you's your blog so you write what you want!
One thing I really liked was when you sampled and made mandala's. Do you miss making them? I noticed that having more than one blog cuts down the amount of visits each gets, my photography blog always got less than my art...yet the photos are always well recieved when I put them on my art blog! At the end of the day blogs are not about comments and silent visitors it's about self expression anyway isn't it? (although it is nice when people visit!!)

Gail said...

I enjoy all your posts even when you think you are upside down or sideways. I read them all.

It is your blog so do what pleases you.

Tyke is so adorable. The cat has such expressive eyes...makes you wonder what he is thinking.

Don't get too wild just because it's Saturday night!

Bernie said...

Oh this post is okay, I don't think I would worry about how many read it or is about whatever you want it to be about. You don't have to make anything up, just be yourself and let people enjoy you for who you are.
Your pets are adorable.....:-) Hugs

aims said...

Your Tyke looks like a darling - a rascally darling.

And I loved the photo of the cat too.

Do you not have Picasa? I believe it's free and a good place to put all your photos.

Frances said...

lol Irene - not enough groupies, eh?

It's chance. Everyone busy certain days and not at other times. Maybe people read several posts at one time rather than visiting each post separately.