Monday, March 01, 2010


I cleaned up the dining table. There were about 6 stacks of envelopes and magazines and other assorted bits of paper laying there and I looked through all of them and made a decision about each item. Do I pay it, file it, save it for later or chuck it? Faster than I would have guessed, I was all done and I even had time to fill in a long consumer questionnaire with the cute little pencil that the company had provided. I stuck it in the envelope that needed no stamp and will mail it when I walk Tyke next. Maybe I will get a nice assortment of products like I did the last time I filled in a questionnaire. That was really my motivation, you know! I like freebies.

I am now looking at my sofa cushions and realize that I need to take the covers off all of them and put them in the washing machine and run them through a good 40 degree cycle. That will freshen them up a bit. It is a job I will do tomorrow I think, because it's too late in the afternoon to do it now. I get my brilliant ideas too late in the day, which makes me wonder where the yellow fleece blanket is. I must have chucked it in the laundry basket already.

This morning I was bent over petting the dog when a drop of blood fell on him and I realized that I was spontaneously having a nose bleed. Luckily, I had a paper towel handy and held that to my nose immediately and pinched it until it stopped bleeding. It must be because I had that cold and my nose got tender from it. I have no other explanation.

I switched four plants around in the living room and changed the pots of some of them too. The prayer plant was dying because I had over watered it. I took it out of the pot it was in, because I could never check the water level well, and put it in an enamel bowl on the plant stand. I put the fig plant where the prayer plant used to be and took off the dead leaves and saw where there were new leaves growing. I put the plant with the dainty leaves, that used to be on the plant stand, in a big pot and placed it on the coffee table where there is a lot of room for it. I cut off all the straggly ends. Then I took one of the philodendrons and moved it from the little cabinet to the dresser where the fig plant used to be. Neither one of the philodendrons is doing well and I really need to go to the flower shop and buy two new plants.

I dusted the dining table, but after I moved all those plants, I realized that I needed to dust everywhere, but I'm out of Pledge and I want to buy a new can of it and dust properly. I love the way it smells and picks up dust and makes things shine. You don't get that with a damp cloth. So Pledge is on my shopping list.

Because Tyke is always looking out the living room windows, they are completely smudged by his wet nose. I will have to get the window cleaner out and clean those portions of the windows. It will be a never ending job, but I can get it from becoming completely out of hand. I probably should just do it once a day as a rule.

Alright, that's enough rambling. I'm going to do laundry now. It's about time that somebody does. It's piled high in the basket. I would check all the pockets if I knew there was a chance of finding money. I will only find dog poop baggies and tissues.



Maureen said...

Ha! Nose prints on the window... yes, you must clean them, but gosh it's cute!

I haven't used Pledge in years. Is it bad to admit that? I hope not. I use just a damp cloth, or windex, as I have more glass tops than wood.

I was thinking about you with all the storms I hear blowing thru there. I shall read more to catch up on what I have missed these past few days, but hope everything in your area is okay.

aims said...

You're on a roll again my friend. Cleaning and noticing things is a good sign that you've said 'I'm moving forward no matter what'. Especially with the amount of stuff you've got done today. It sure beats sleeping your life away doesn't it? Even if you do have to do laundry....

I myself enjoy doing the laundry simply for the satisfying smell of clean clothes and the feel of them when you put them on. Of course I have a dryer so that helps immensely. I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy it so much if I had to go back to the days of clotheslines. Yes the smell from them were fantastic - but clothes were stiffer than dryer ones and hanging up wet stuff just doesn't have the appeal of chucking them in the dryer and forgetting them for a while.

Gail said...

Rambling sounds like a contented ramble. I shall have to call you the clean queen if you keep this up. I am proud of you.