Friday, March 05, 2010

Down the road...

Tyke and I went to the vet this afternoon to have him look at Tyke´s inflamed tear gland one more time. We had said that I would try the ointments for 5 days to try and get the swelling and inflammation down and then come back. The ointments hadn't worked and his eye looked just as bad, so today I made an appointment to have the tear gland removed. It will be done Monday afternoon and Tyke can't eat anything all day, so I have to make sure nothing edible lies around. I think that would include any old chewed up rawhide sticks, because he does have a tendency to swallow the soft pieces. I will be glad to get it done, because his poor eye looks terribly vulnerable now with that swollen tear gland sticking out. I´m afraid a cat will stick his or her claws in it. Tyke likes going to the vet, because nothing unpleasant has ever happened to him there yet and he gets treats. I wonder how he will feel after Monday.

We also mailed the card to my uncle and went home in a round about way, which Tyke liked because it took us on a path that we had not gone on before. Needless to say, he was quite excited and peed on every tree and bush. The hard part is keeping him away from semi-edible things that people have dropped in the gutter. He finds those so quickly and I have to be one step ahead of him. He still lets me take things out of his mouth, but I don´t know how long that is going to last. He´s so cute, though, when he runs ahead of me as far as the roll out leash allows. His little legs go so quick and he´s like a little kid gone wild.

I took a nap later in the afternoon and Tyke slept by my side. He didn´t seem to be interested to get into any sort of trouble, though I had just swept up all the little bits and pieces of various bits of carton that he had destroyed. I sometimes let him go ahead and make a big mess to get it out of his system. So, I had a nice nap and woke up quite refreshed. I made myself a cup of coffee and cuddled with Tyke, who will react to you very lovable if you say certain things to him in a certain tone of voice. You get many kisses then and he is all over you. So, every once in a while I do that to get my share of loving in.

I´ve solved the problem of what to wear by just putting on leggings and a pair of jeans and a sweater and by wearing my hiking boots. It´s very uncomplicated and I have many leggings that I can change whenever the need arises. The same with the sweaters. This way I don´t have to think about what to wear and what goes together and if I look good enough and fashionable. I really don´t give a hoot. The jeans are comfortable and so are the sweaters and I don´t have to worry about getting dirty. I wear a scarf and my leather jacket over everything when I go out and my outfit is complete and easily put together. A pair of gloves when it is freezing and I´m done. I´m still not wearing make up and I´m not planning on it in the near future. Maybe some day I will again, but I´m not in the mood for it now. It´s too fussy.

I´m very happy that it´s the weekend. In spite of everything, I do enjoy those days off as though they are a little mini break from my responsibilities, few as they really are. During the week I always feel a lot of pressure to do everything right and on the weekends I feel that I can relax and be a bit more at ease about things, because they are not official work days. The week days loom like large dark clouds on the horizon every morning and I wonder what the day will bring and what surprises it will have in store for me. I feel that I have to be on guard and I can drop that guard on the weekends and just enjoy myself. I´m sure it is that way for everybody and you all feel that relief and, after all, that´s what weekends are for. I remember when I had to go to school on Saturday mornings and my father had to go to work. We weren´t quite as enlightened then.

I´m waiting for the pharmacy delivery person to drop off some medication before I can take Tyke for a walk. I noticed just on time that I was almost out of antidepressants. I thought I had two more boxes, but that turned out not to be the case and I would have run out this weekend and that would have been really rough. You get hallucinations if you suddenly stop those. Talk about powerful medicine.

It was supposed to have started raining, but so far it is dry and it doesn´t look like rain yet. More often than not, the weather forecasters get it wrong for our little area of the country. We seem to have our own unique climate that doesn´t match the rest of the country and that is hard to predict. The forecast on the browser is constantly changing, from rain to sun to partly cloudy to sun again. It´s unpredictable. It says that it´s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, but by tomorrow it may say partly cloudy or occasional showers. You basically have to look out the window and see for yourself what kind of weather it is and what the sky looks like.

I´ve eaten dinner early and am more than full. I was completely off schedule today. Sometimes that happens and I eat when I get hungry and not when the clock dictates it. I usually eat two meals a day and that is more than enough. That makes me feel very full. Tyke eats twice a day too and I´ve found out now that if I just let him be and give him the time, he really does eat all of his food in his bowl. He just does it in stages in between all his puppy things. So I don´t worry about it anymore. He makes sure the cats don´t eat his food, that´s important. I don´t want the cats getting fat on his food. This puppy chow seems to have a special appeal to them.

The chairperson of the Socialist Party gave up her position because her party did so badly in the nationwide city council elections. Frankly, although this is not my party anymore, I think she is right to go, because I thought she was wrong for the job. She was too bitchy and not at all charismatic, which you do have to be in order to lead a political party. We have elections coming up on June the 9th and it was feared that the Socialist party would lose a lot of voters with her as leader of the party. They are hard at work to find a worthy replacement for her now and I´m looking forward to see the result of their search. Politics, man, it is exciting. The party I´m voting for has a very charismatic, feminist, ecological and equal rights warrior as leader and I like her very well. She is smart! I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Well, I´ll hang up now. It´s been a long story. Have a good evening and enjoy your Friday night.



Twain12 said...

I just stared on antidepressants, we'll see how it goes. I never been on meds before but my anxieties where getting a little tough to handle. I'll give it a couple of months and see how it goes :)
have a restful and peaceful weekend.

aims said...

You sound good today my friend. I feel like you have a little more peace in your day.

I can just imagine you in politics. I think if you got your mind onto something it would be like - ready - set - go AND NEVER STOP!!

I think you'd be good at taking on issues and solving them. You are so smart and have a way of figuring things out. Hmmmmmm- :0)

Gail said...

It wasn't long at all. I enjoyed it immensely. I feel a certain peace eminating from you.

I am glad you ordered those pills, Tyke may have become an intruder during the weekend.

I am thinking of trying a small drink before bedtime instead of a sleep aid. It is funny how I feel I could nap anytime but at night I seem to be wide awake even though I take no naps.

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.