Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had written a post earlier this morning that I decided was so boring that I deleted it and I want to start all over again. It is possible that I don't have it in my fingers today to write a good post, but we will see. I will give it my best shot and see what I can make of it. I may not be quite as funny as I normally am. Maybe I am more serious today than I am on other days. If so, it is because I didn't get enough sleep. I didn't go to sleep until the middle of the night, diistracted as I was by things to do on the computer and there are always so many of them.

The fact that I have a new computer doesn't help things either, because it makes me think that I can do everything better than I used to, so I want to try that out. I like my email program, so I'm constantly checking for emails, or writing them, and I find that very satisfactory. Looking for interesting blogs is an other favorite activity, as if I don't read enough already and keeping up with them is a full time job, but I gladly put in the time.

Leaving comments is a tricky business, because at some blogs that I read I never leave any, feeling as if I'm an interloper there who really has no business being there and the other comments seem so good that I can't think of anything equally good to say. I should have a little more confidence in myself. I'm sure I don't come across as the shy and retiring type.

More than anything I like writing posts, because I like the business of writing. It doesn't matter so much to me what I write about as long as I do it as good as possible. I always have doubts about spelling and grammar, not having been formally educated in them in this language, but I think I fake it pretty well. I know I'm confused about expressions sometimes and use Dutch ones in English, because I'm not sure of which language they belong to. I'm trapped between the two and thinking in both of them.

I could write posts all day long and maybe never run out of things to say, while in real life I'm not much of a talker, depending on who I'm with. I feel handicapped in my speech, as if saying something out loud is harder than writing it down. Of course, I have to speak in Dutch and I still manage to make a mess of it and want to use many English words. It happens in a discussion that I don't remember the Dutch words for things and use the English ones, so I end up speaking Dutchlish. I also happens that when I'm trying to write down a concept in a post, I have to think it through in Dutch first and translate it into English before I can put it down in complete sentences.

I'm glad I have a domestic help now, because I'm going to have her wash the windows next Monday. They are so dirty, I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not. Dutch housewives have clean windows, but I don't consider myself one. You see them in the middle of winter, out with a bucket of suds and a stepladder, cleaning their windows in their plain clothes without a jacket on and I think they are mad. They also scrub the entrance way and the stoop and the front door in freezing temperatures. I'm not that dedicated. So the domestic help can clean the windows. I brought that up, because the sun is shining on them now and I can see all the dirt. I fills me with anxiety and I won't let it. I'm for an anxiety free life.

The Exfactor was here this afternoon and put the door back on in the spare bedroom. It was always a bit of a mystery to me why he had taken it off, except that it seemed to be in the way to him. It had been stored in the shed all this time and of course it is rather dirty, so I have to clean it with a lot of elbow grease. I keep it ajar, so the cats can go in and out through the cat flap that's in the back door there, but at least it takes the view away of all those unsightly boxes that are sitting there and the eternal dust and debris that the cats drag in.

We only had a short political discussion, more for the form than anything else and I let him do most of the talking, which he does easily. Sometimes it helps to be the more silent one. Tyke entertained us with his follies and that took up some time. Thank goodness for a funny dog.

I have to do some chores now, duty does call me. It has a nagging little voice that can not be ignored.

Have a great day. It is 18C here, isn't that a miracle?



Twain12 said...

You are never boring. I can relate to a lot of things you write about. Except I'm not a good writer but i do love reading !
I'm not a good German Hausfrau either, probably a good thing i live here :)

Kay said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog for the first time today. I never know what to I make very short comments usually. At the writing skills really flourished..but one year later and they are not good! Maybe because I would rather paint, or procrastinate..or (like today) take photos of tulips and daffodils breaking through the leaves.I did get to spend a week in the Netherlands in 2008. I loved it there..I was convinced I wanted to live there someday..but if I have to wash down windows and steps in the dead of winter..well...that is not happening!!! Have a great day

Maggie May said...

All our good weather has gone to you by the sound of it! Decidedly cooler here today and trying to rain.

I would hate a bedroom not to have a door. Better on than off.
English people don't seem to worry too much about their windows...... slobs that we are!!!!

Have a good evening.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

aims said...

You are never boring my friend. Never.

And I see bits of the real you poking out which is very interesting. I'm looking for to your reawakening so much!

Cheryl said...

I never find your blog boring, I always enjoy reading it. So keep writing, especially if you find it so enjoyable. I wish I had more time to spend on my blog and the blogs in general. I find it very relaxing and so interesting and I love to find new blogs.

I hope your nice weather continues and you get to take many nice walks with Tyke. Nothing like fresh air and walking.

Take Care.

Babaloo said...

I think I belong right where I am, a failed German Hausfrau (kindred spirit of Twain12 it seems?) in Ireland. There are some people who go mad about the house cleaning but they're a minority. Most people are much more laid back about keeping their house spick and span, so I think I'm doing OK. After all, I don't live to clean. xxx

Bernie said...

My sister visited Holland once and told me it was the cleanest place she had ever been, she told me how the women cleaned windows and stoops as you described it, she also told me about their beautiful flowers.....I have always wanted to go there sometime and I know eventually I will.
You sound good today my friend, so happy to feel that for you.
.........:-) Hugs