Wednesday, March 10, 2010


After I wrote my serious in depth post about my meeting with my therapist and my psychiatrist here, I hung around the internet for a while doing a number of different things and I am now sufficiently relaxed to really sit down and write the post I want to write, which is one about nothing in particular at all. Not about seriously intensive subjects anyway. Much as they are worthy being written about, they do take up space and don't allow me to just ramble, which is what I like to do best, especially when my medication is working well and I feel very relaxed and at ease and all is well with the world and me and my animals.

One of my animals is lying under my desk, sound asleep, and why doesn't he go lie down on the soft pillow, or maybe I should move the soft pillow under my desk, because I sit here so often and he wants to keep me company. Very stubbornly. At least the cats go find comfortanle places to lie down on, regardless of where I am, unless I happen to be one of those comfortable places too. The cats are very opportunistic. They go for comfort first and if you happen to be a place of comfort, they will come lie down on top of you.

I'm still yawning and I can't figure out why I'm so tired. I should be full of vigor and life and be good for at least another hour or so. I really haven't done many exhausting things today. I went to the post office and to the pharmacy and both of those were on the way to and from my psychiatrist. Unless the walking wore me out, because I'm really not in such great shape. I had to use the stairs when I crossed over at the railway station and really felt it when I got to the top. I was glad the stairs weren't any higher than they were.

By the way, it costs 50 cents to use the toilets at the railway station, but they were very clean and had a kind attendant, so it was worth it. Especially if you're in dire need, which I was.

I haven't been into town for such a long time , but when I'm at the railway station I'm close by. I will be glad when I'm interested enough again to go walk those extra minutes to get into downtown and enjoy myself with some window shopping and having a cappuccino at a café. Especially that. I can sit outside under the awning where there are overhead heaters and watch the people go by, which I enjoy so much. Maybe one of these days soon I will be able to do that. I have to buy a new band for my watch and that would be the perfect errand to do.

I have to go to bed. It's high time.

See you all in the morning. Sleep tight.



Twain12 said...

glad your appointments went well...have a good night:)

Bernie said...

Glad you worked a schedulte with your doctor concerning your medications......I was a bit concerned but not any more....Hope you sleep well.......:-) Hugs

Frances said...

Have been away for a few weeks, not sure what has been going on with you, but hope this is a turnaround and that all goes well on your new med arrangements. hugs

Gail said...

That sounds like you did a lot. I would be warn out from all that walking.

Will you be able to take Tyke downtown?