Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Stumbling and fumbling...

I had a pan of noodles on the stove and fell sleep sitting in the corner of the sofa. Some time later I woke up to the smoke alarm. At first I couldn't figure out what was wrong, but I did smell something funny. It took me a minute to figure out that it was the pan of noodles, now burned to a crisp. I opened the kitchen window and the back door and reset the smoke alarm and slowly the fumes left the apartment. It's a shame about those noodles and I won't be able to save that pan, but at least the apartment didn't burn down. We call that 'lucky while being unlucky.' I should have nuked the noodles. They wouldn't have burned. Oh well...

Now I'm sitting here half awake, unable to go back to sleep because of the excitement of it all and slightly hungry. I need to figure out what I'm going to eat instead. There's not that much choice, because I'm not going food shopping until tomorrow afternoon. I'm having a glass of fruit juice for the energy and I can have a bowl of tomato soup later, but I feel like eating short bread cookies. Fat chance! Visions of sugar plums...

Good, the fruit juice is working and now I'm having another glass of it. I'm practically becoming a human being again. I was just beginning to wonder if the gas station would be open so I could buy some chocolate and cookies, but I think I'll live now. A disaster has been averted.


Of course, I ended up going to sleep after I wrote the above, because I was really keeling over with tiredness. I was just too stubborn to admit it. I was trying to artificially keep myself awake by thinking that if I just ate something, it would pep me up and I would be okay. Common sense prevailed, or should I say, my closing eyelids?

I'm having a cup of coffee with the last bit of milk that I have left. From now on it is artificial creamer. That's not something I look forward to, but at least I've not run out of coffee. That would have been really bad. I bought three bags of pads the last time I went shopping, just in case, and I think I will do that again today. Oh, I have to remember to buy vinegar to clean the Senseo machine. It's high time, because it's not giving me a full cup of coffee. There's hard water deposit in it. Pledge and vinegar, that's what I need to get.

I have an appointment with my SPN today and I had sent her an email explaining to her my intention to quit taking my medications. I know she read the email, because she told me so when she called me yesterday to change the time of the appointment. She didn't say anything about it other than that we would discuss it today, but I do have a feeling of apprehension as though I'm going to have some heavy explaining to do and convincing. But I know I'm also a tough cookie and that once I make up my mind about something, it is hard to change it and I will maintain my right to do what I think is best. I do hope that I'm not going to run into all sorts of resistance, but I'm ready to deal with it. I hope for co-operation.

Well, here I am worrying ahead of time about attitudes that I don't know a thing about. I'm anticipating all sorts of problems that I may not even run into. So I better put my mind at rest and think about something totally different, like, what am I going to wear today? I was thinking about wearing jeans, but I do have to find a nice top to go with them. I so very rarely wear jeans, but I saw them laying there yesterday and thought I might try them on today (with a belt, of course). It means having a good look in my closet for once. I haven't done that in a while. Lord only knows what I'll find. It will be a regular expedition.

Okay, on that happy note I'll leave you. I wish you all a good morning and a happy day!


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Gail said...

Good luck with your appointment.