Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the middle of the night.

I went to bed early, since I sleep such long hours now, and I figured that would get me up at a reasonable time in the morning. I didn't have an alarm clock in the bedroom, because both of their batteries had died, so I took the simple one last night and put a battery in it and set it to the proper tine. I set the alarm for 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Needless to say, it went off in the middle of the night and woke me up and I was unable to go back to sleep, though I tried. That alarm clock is going into the trash tomorrow morning after I take the battery out. I have a better digital alarm clock, but didn't want to mess with it last night, because it is more complicated to set. I wish I had done it now.

So, instead of being sound asleep, I find myself wide awake like I used to be. It's a real darn shame and maybe I should not go to bed so early again at night, but just wait until I'm good and ready to go to sleep. Now I've only slept a couple of hours and that clearly is not enough. I hope I get tired again soon, so that I will be able to go back to bed and sleep those additional hours. I won't cry wolf yet, it's only one night, but if this keeps up longer, I have to let my psychiatrist know.

Well, I'm seeing him in less than 2 weeks, so I guess I could let him know then. He doesn't want me to become hypomanic, so watch for any signs of that, people. If I become very devout and start lighting candles in the chapel, or I start discussing the queen a lot, it is time to ring the bell. If I get religious or royal in any way it is time to ring the bell.

I spent two years of my life with a man who used to call me Duchess. I used to pretend it had less to do with the fact that I was Dutch, but more to do with my superior status in life that was just obvious the minute you laid eyes on me. He used to call his ex-wife Turtle, so I was really lucky. I thought I was God's gift to him, but he did not think so and ended up back with his ex-wife after I married the Exfactor as a pure survival strategy. That's what he wanted all along. He just couldn't do it while I was single and available. Memories, huh? One day I will tell you more about this story.

I'm actually starting to get tired now. I am yawning and that is a good sign. Tyke has been asleep by my feet all this time. He's not going to be ready to sleep more when I go back to bed. He'll have to come, though, whether he likes it or not. I can't leave him here in the living room. There are too many potential things to get into and tear apart. He's still a puppy, after all, and I don't trust him yet. Two more months of this and then the worst should be over.

Well, I suppose I will try to go to bed now. I may read for a little while, maybe that will help. I have a theory about this, but I will get into that tomorrow. Remind me to do that.

I hope you're all sleeping tight.



Bernie said...

Hope you got back to sleep.... I am heading to bed right now...Hugs

Mr. Stupid said...

Glad, you are back to sleeping now. Well, there are more than four hours left for me to go to bed.

Nice to have found your blog. Have a great day!:)

laurie said...

i went to sleep at 9:40. i thought it was too early but i slept straight through to 6. doug was not so fortunate--got up and watched hockey in the middle of the night.

and now it is daylight savings time here (tomorrow), and we have to do everything an hour earlier. hard to adjust boscoe's insulin.