Thursday, July 09, 2009

Trying to think of a title...

It's very early in the morning, but I slept on the sofa all of last evening and then went to bed and slept well there. As is usual when my mood changes, I needed to sleep on the spot, and I slept through the 8 pm news and the 10 pm news, so I have no idea what is happening in the country. This may not be as terrible as it sounds and if I watch the news tonight I should be all caught up again. There's been no coup d'etat and no revolution has broken out or I would have heard about it probably, because it's a small country and news travels fast.

As usual, things look less dire in the morning, but I'm not jubilating the new day. I find myself getting irritated that the cigarette that I just lighted is smoked already and that my mug of coffee is empty again. It seems to me these things should last longer and I should enjoy them more. I feel a terrible desire to eat many cookies or many chocolates, but will stick to healthy yogurt instead and actually wish I had chocolate pudding.

I find that the moment I get depressed, I want to eat carbohydrates and sweets and I'm glad that the supermarket is just far enough away not to give in to each craving. If it were within walking distance, I would be spending my last cash there.

So, today is Friday and if the weather co-operates I will meet my friend Von on the terrace of Café Charlemagne on the Our Dear Lady Square, but we've already said we're meeting no matter what the weather, because it's been at least three weeks since we last saw each other, but I sure hope it's not going to be raining as is predicted, because you know how it messes up your hair. I may take the bus.

Today is Jesker's big day at the vet too and he's not allowed to eat anything today, which is going to be tough. I'm going to have to deny him his treat after we walk and it will confuse him.

Oh shoot, I am continually leaning to the left again and then wondering why I can't see the keyboard properly. Well, it's a well known phenomenon now that also happens with a downward mood. I lean to the left when I don't feel well.

I'm going to put this baby to bed now as I don't have anything exciting to tell you. Hopefully there will be some later today.



Maggie May said...

I also feel the need to stuff chocolate and carbs when I am feeling low. I think it is a pretty common thing. Seems to be comforting to the brain! torture to the body though!
Glad you are going to see Von today, come what may and you haven't really missed anything on the news! Sometimes it is better to miss it altogether! However, you seem to be like me & need to know what depressing things are happening to the world at least once a day!

Hope you enjoy today. My weekend starts on Thursday night (day off Friday!) so its a great feeling to have the weekend ahead of me........ X

Babaloo said...

It might be your body telling you that it needs the carbs. You should allow yourself a small bar of chocolate or something similar. Honestly.

How did it go for poor Jesker? Hope all went well.

Frances said...

Yes, definitely see Von no matter what. It always brings you out of yourself seeing her.
I'm off for a couple of days, so wish you a happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well I do hope you manage to meet your friend.

I feel like chocolate quite a lot right now, I've eaten far too much crap recently and am beginning to feel very bloated. Might try some of that Activia, it's supposed to help bloating feeling!

CJ xx

John said...

Our Dear Lady Square - great name - my best

Tessa said...

Have a wonderful, chatty afternoon catching up with Von, Irene. I'm sure it will help halt the downward spiral. I do hope so.

Maureen said...

Oooh, hope the weather holds for you today and that you have a great visit with your friend. Maybe you can satisfy that chocolate craving with a small choco biscuit.

Wish I could join you!

Hope Jesker is okay too...

Bev said...

Hope you can take more pictures of where you live....enjoyed seeing the photo on this posting.

Hope you had a pleasant afternoon.

SugarCain said...

Irene, I also really enjoy seeing photos of the area where you live.

Pixie and Taz are sending best wishes to Jesker.