Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Oh no, not again!

I had regained 8 ounces and I thought, "Well, that's okay, that's what my body is comfortable at," but this morning I got on the bathroom scale and had lost them.

Yesterday I had a tall glass of yogurt (which turned out to be too much), two slices of bread with mayonnaise and salami, and three glasses of multi vitamin fruit juice and I didn't go hungry. As a matter of fact, I felt very full and made myself eat the second slice of bread.

Bodyweight is fickle and you never know what it's going to do. Wat I'm going to do now is stay below 92 kilos and that will be my only aim. Whatever I lose is a bonus. My only other objective will be to eat healthy and make sure I get all my nutrients in. I think adding the yogurt is good for protein and calcium and it is very filling.

I'm not at ergo therapy. Our therapist is on vacation and someone else is taking her place and that happens to be the therapist who took her place several months ago when things got out of hand, so I was not very motivated to go this morning. Something in me rebelled and said no.

I want to take the opportunity to do several sets of chores of threes, but I haven't quite decided on what all of them are going to be, so I'll surprise myself. I just hope I have enough cleaning product.

Since it is morning, I am all calmness and serenity. I have slept well, as if I do anything else nowadays, but the tranquilizers and the sleeping pill do wonders. I hardly remember falling asleep or getting into bed even.

It's a lot cooler today, only 14 degrees Celsius, but in the apartment it's still 23 degrees. I could open all the windows and the back door, but then it would get too cold in here. This is pleasant and since I'm wearing my slippers, I do want my feet to stay warm. I'm also wearing leggings for warmth and my mini skirt for ease. It's nice to inelegantly cross your legs when you wear your leggings and a mini skirt.

Since the cats were being so finicky about their food, I bought them pouches of wet food, and boy, they think they've died and gone to heaven. It's inordinately expensive and I can't do it all the time, but for a treat every once in a while it is okay. I'm a sucker for happy animals who practically steal the food out of my hands before I can put it into their bowls.

Jesker was being a picky eater yesterday and wouldn't finish what was in his bowl and kept barking at me and his bowl until I took it away and gave him a Bonzo bone. That settled him down immediately. He ate the rest of it later in the evening.

Boy, try to figure out your animal sometimes, huh? He thinks he's being very clear to me and I have to instinctively know what he means. I have to be very tuned into him. He figures he's talking to me and telling me the whole story and I have to be bright enough to understand it.

He uses a lot of body language too.By the way he sits in a certain way or paces around or holds his ears, I have to make up which particular thing he wants. And then there is the urgent look in his eyes or the begging look in his eyes and the "I'm bored and I don't know what I want" look. Actually, dogs are a lot like little kids at the non verbal stage, now that I think of it.

It's time to start on my first set of three chores. I'm going to sweep three rooms first. Take along the cobwebs at the same time as a bonus. That will be a mighty fine thing to do!

Have yourself a good day.



Frances said...

self-preservation is a fine thing.
you are avoiding someone who made you do things you regretted. Sensible. Did you ever get any feedback on that strange business? Interesting that the therapist appears again, but it is possible this person is available to fill in for absent therapists simply because they won't let her loose as a main therapist on a group.
Who knows? Anyway, an experience better not repeated, eh?

SugarCain said...

Irene, I love the description of all the "looks" the dog can give you. I know them well.

I love wearing a short skirt and leggings. Today it is going to be too hot, though, so I am wearing a short skirt and cowboy boots. I add a pair of boy shorts under the skirt so I'm not flashing anyone.

Good luck with the chores of three. You remind me that I need to sweep three rooms myself. (I use work as an excuse to let that go a little bit.)

I think your instincts are right about the substitute therapist. I didn't like her when you told us about her last time.

John said...

Funny precise observattions. Yep yep. Take care.

Maureen said...

Ha! Boy Jesker is very communicative, isn't he? That's so funny... I can just imagine him "talking" to you.

Ah, we pet owners are a special breed, aren't we? ;)

marc aurel said...

Although I want to lose weight, I gave up weighing myself every day. Now only every Sunday morning gives me a better impression of my progress or regress.

Gail said...

Maybe mixing a little treat food in with their regular would get them to eat it all and not be so expensive at one time.

I believe dogs and cats are smarter than many humans.