Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What's she doing?

I have been doing sets of three chores all day and got a bunch of things done and one thing I have now is a very clean bedroom. I'm going to do another set of three chores after I finish this post, but I don't know yet what I'm going to do. There are a number of things I could do. I'll take my pick.

Oh yes, I vacuumed the whole apartment. You know how much I hate vacuuming because of the noise and I'm always afraid that I will not hear the doorbell or the telephone or a burglar sneaking up behind me.

Well, this time I turned on the music rather loud to the point that I could still hear it when the vacuum cleaner was on and I thought that if I could hear that, I could hear anything, and suddenly I wasn't so bothered anymore. There is some twisted logic in there somewhere, there really is. I could recognize which song Amy Winehouse was singing and all was right with the world. See, that's all I need to do, is listen to Amy Winehouse.

I also got rid of most of the cobwebs, but just see some that I missed, so I need to do those next.

The vacuum cleaner wasn't working good enough and I couldn't figure out why, because the bag wasn't nearly full yet, but a little bit of investigation led to a blockage right in the hose where it enters the vacuum cleaner. There was quite a bit of dog hair there and I pulled it all out and, my God, you wouldn't believe the difference it made in suction power. I had been vacuuming at half the power for the last couple of times that I used it thinking it was all in my imagination.

Well, you do start to doubt yourself when you don't initially see anything wrong, but I should have looked better. I'm not a helpless female, after all, am I? Take that thing apart and have a good look!

Sitting here I already see four things I can do and they are all little things, so I really should think of two more. Holy cow! I'm becoming obsessed with the numbers three and six and nine etc. Maybe I will become an obsessive compulsive person. I wonder if there is a cure? Maybe I will have to do things by fours. Either way I'm screwed. I'll develop strange neuroses and rituals involving certain numbers and have to do things a number of times or else tragedy will strike.

Well, better not think of that.

I'm drinking decaf and it isn't doing a thing for me. As a matter of fact, it is making me sleepy and I think now is not a good time to take a nap. I think that in a fairly short time I'll switch to regular coffee again.

I have to take Jesker to the vet, because he has been snorting and sneezing, not a lot, but some, and his eye is turning red again. A few days after I run out of antibiotic ointment his eye turns bad again. Just when it had looked really good. He'll be thrilled to go there.

Am I hooked on blogging? Well, the answer to that would be a definite yes, but now I don't feel so bad about it because of the chores. I am going to end this post, though, and tackle a few things now before I lose my stride.

Have a good evening, we're having a rainy one here, but I did ask for rain, didn't I? Be careful what you wish for.



Maureen said...

Oh poor Jesker! I do hope another round of meds will help.

I had to laugh about the clogged vacuum... a similar thing happened to me; mine wasn't working well either until I had the brainstorm to turn over the power head to find it entangled with hair. Ewwww! I had to take large scissors to it to untangle the mess. But at least it works now. Doh!

aims said...

Seems to be a thing with vacuums and pet hair. Why can't they invent one that doesn't do that and doesn't cost a fortune?

Still smiling over Jesker's bone and the barking. He's too funny. I too hope his eye gets better. Does he have allergies?

Maggie May said...

Poor Jesker. He never seems to be far away from his eye problem. I think it is an allergy!

Good for you doing all that house work. A pat on the back is in order, I think!

Frances said...

hah! nice one. OCD to add to everything else. Well, if you concentrate hard, I'm sure you can do it, or not. Up to you. You are not the same person who slipped into ill health unawares in the past, you know the seductive draw and how to avoid it.
Keep well

Gail said...

We had a eighteen pound cat with eye trouble and the vet said his eyelashes were irritating his eyes because the bottom ones were turning inside. He had droopy eyes so the vet's solution was an eye tuck, just like on a person, he took the extra bag out and the problem stopped.

I am so proud of your cleaning regimen, may it will come over the internet and zap me with ambition.

Keep up the good work!

jeannette stgermain said...

Sorry I haven't been on your blog a few days - but we signed for escrow today! What a relief - this is the easiest part though - now we have to sell the house we're living in LOL

Breakfast in California said...

My vacuum broke today. I take it as a sign that I don't need to clean.