Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With the greatest of ease...

I woke up at 7 am, because the alarm clock insistently beeped in my ear and it was hard to ignore it, though I tried it for a while. Half asleep I walked into the kitchen and with great fanfare I produced a double mug of strong Senseo, which I drank while petting Jesker and smoking a cigarette. I peeked at the world through my half open eyes and my eyelashes sort of got in the way and I just for a minute wanted to pull up my legs on the sofa and get comfortable.

Well, you guessed it, I fell asleep, totally oblivious of everything around me and what I was supposed to do and I didn't wake up until much later when it was too late to go to ergo therapy, or rather, I could have gone, but considered it a waste of time and decided to stay home instead and stay in my pajamas a while longer. I didn't need to rush around with my head cut of trying to do a half dozen things to get ready to leave as quickly as possible, which was a relief.

Yeah, I'm always cutting class and I wonder if I'm getting therapy fatigue and if it's getting to be time for me to stop and do something else, but what that else is supposed to look like, I don't know yet.

Anyway, this means that today I will get some work done around here and I will do some grocery shopping. I've been eating eggs and I want to buy a dozen of them, because I can eat two at the time and they fill me well and make for a nice meal. I also have to buy yogurt and another piece of that Brie that was so good and cheap.

I've got my chores waiting for me, boy, do I ever. I don't know why I'm so reluctant to do them. It's just a question of getting in the starting blocks and getting them over and done with and feeling good about them afterwards. I always boycott myself by making it look more complicated than it really is. I make mountains out of molehills. It's in the nature of the beast.
When I sit here tonight, writing a post, I must be able to say that I got a certain amount of work done, that I promise.

I did end up washing my hair last night before I went to bed. I dried my hair with a towel as well as I could until it was almost completely dry and then put some shape into it with a comb and the applied wax and, just like the hairdresser, lightly pulled it into spikes and jumpy curls. There's a trick to it and I'm slowly learning it. You mustn't use too much wax, just a bit will do. Then you apply the hairspray and when you wake up in the morning, most everything will still be spiky with maybe one flat area that needs to be brushed out a bit.

I've got to take care to wear some spunky clothes today, because I'm in that kind of a mood. I'd like to wear my favorite boots, but they need to go to the shoemaker to have new soles and heels put on, because I've worn them completely off, as I do with all my footwear. One sole is lose and flaps when I walk. I have my other very good boots, but they are more winter boots and not right for this weather, so ballet slippers it is.

I wasn't going to mention it, but I'm one ounce short of having lost 9 kilos. I will announce it officially when I have indeed lost 9 kilos and have stayed that way for a couple of days. People are starting to notice now that I've lost weight and compliment me on it, so it's a good motivator to keep going. I can't help but keep going, because I can't eat any differently than how I'm eating now, except that maybe I could eat more, but I don't feel the need.

Thanks to some advice from a friend, I have decided to only mention my weight loss if it amounts to one kilo, that's 2.2 lbs. I'm not going to be messing around with ounces anymore that just go up and down.

Okay, I am going to get things started here and get dressed. The moon's a balloon and the sunshine beckons me. First things first and that is to the supermarket.

Have a good day, doing your groceries or other equally amusing things.



John said...

Ounce and kilo metaphor is hilarious.

Great job

Anonymous said...

I guess you could look at cutting class as a challenge to tackle something else?

CJ xx

Maureen said...

I used to use a curling iron on my hair years ago -- now I straighten it with a straightening iron... wierd how times and styles change, eh?

I've never used wax though; mine is too long for that. Must be fun to do!

Gail said...

Ounces don't count unless it's drugs.

Babaloo said...

Wow, that's a lot of weight you've lost! Well done!