Friday, July 03, 2009

Almost done with it...

Jesker got his haircut and bath yesterday and the woman who did the job didn't completely blow him dry, so he was pleasantly damp when I picked him up, which must have felt good to him, because the hot weather has been getting to him as well. He is constantly trying to find the coolest places to lie down.

My sister took us over there by car and after we dropped Jesker off, we did some grocery shopping, which was real handy for me and quite a luxury. I bought two different kinds of bread and two different kinds of lunch meats and some diet mayonnaise, so I can make good open faced sandwiches. Salami is my favorite. The bread is so delicious and comes from the supermarket's own bakery, so it's always fresh. Luckily, I can only eat one slice of it at the time and I'm very full, or else...

Once Jesker was home again, after he was missed a lot by me for that short little time, I took his picture, although he was a little reluctant. He was being coy.

So, there you have one clean cut and bathed dog.

I spent the afternoon doing a little bit of housework and a lot of computer time. I am so very much not interested in housekeeping that I only do things when they threaten to get out of hand and then I go at them with full gusto. Like hanging up another load of laundry, which I will have to do in a while.

I am especially anti housekeeping now that I have those people looking over my shoulder with their schedule and frankly, I am boycotting the whole thing.

This morning I was up before the alarm clock and had a very leisurely time waking up and being ahead of schedule. It's wonderful not to have to rush through things and take your time getting dressed. Not that the results were more spectacular. It's too hot to wear many clothes, so I pull on a skirt and a tank top and my slippers and that's it. Oh yes, and a necklace to finish the ensemble.

I had creative therapy, I have that a lot, don't I? You're right, I do. Three days a week, as a matter of fact. I don't know how I managed to get such a nice schedule, but I did.

I had seen a very modern magazine laying around in the smoking room and decided to swipe it and use the photographs in it to make a collage, which I haven't made in a long time. I wanted to finish it in one morning, so I hastily went to work and cut out the photos that I liked best. Then I sat out to paste and paint and paint and paint some more and then I crayoned. Giving me this result:

You can click on it for an enlargement, if you wish.

I was supposed to meet Von this afternoon at our favorite café, but as the time drew near, thunderclouds started to gather and it started to rumble and Von called to cancel, because the weather was supposed to get bad. Pretty soon the heavens opened up and rain fell accompanied by thunder and lightening. I immediately opened a couple of windows wide and felt a delicious draft going, but it still hasn't cooled off inside and it is 26 degrees Celsius in here. Still, the draft feels good and it's better than air conditioning.

Now I must go and do a little bit of cleaning out of my own free will, completely because I've decided to. Not because anybody is holding a gun to my head.

Have a nice rest of the day. I wish you rain if you need it and sunshine if you don't.



Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely collage, Irene, and glad you stayed safe from the storm. Oh the boy looks delicious, Ansa's heart is racing, she is in love.

SugarCain said...

Irene, I know exactly what you mean--even if I wanted to do something, if someone starts riding me about it, I'm not going to. I guess I like to preserve my illusion of freedom.

I'm impressed with your collage, although I can't read it. I make collages too; it's very therapeutic. And I like how you snagged the magazine. That's a bit of guerrilla art.

Once my son was very angry with my grandmother, and he made a collage called "No grannies."

Frances said...

lol - good for you. Never cut off your nose to spite your own face. LOL - but don't give in to their coercing. Part of getting well is deciding what is right for your life.
Bless, he looks so sweet - and I'm sure you did in your classy outfit.
We are having the same sort of weather. Hot, sometimes sultry, some heavy rain then sunshine again. So lovely when a breeze comes up

Maggie May said...

Look at that lovely dog! He looks smart and I think he is much more grey about the ears than he was, don't you think? Quite distinguished.

You're collage is beautiful. I like it. What is that word mean under Jesus? Caught my eye. If it is not very nice then don't tell me!!!!!

Today was more bearable....... cool wind that is blowing that oppressive heat away. I like it how it is now.

Have a good refreshing sleep tonight, Irene X

Elesje said...

Wat ziet Jesker er lekker fris uit, heerlijk toch zo'n verfrissing met zo'n warm weer.
Ik vind je collage prachtig die je gemaakt hebt en dan ook nog in zo'n korte tijd. Knap hoor.

En het is inderdaad heel anders als je huishoudelijke werk doet uit vrije wil i.p.v. 'het moet'.
Werkt bij mij altijd averrechts.

Prettig weekend en tot maandag

Gail said...

The best way for me to do nothing is to tell me I HAVE to do it.

If you want it done, tell I CAN'T do it.

I love the collage.

Breakfast in California said...

Can't believe it's so hot there, but nice that you got a breeze. Tomorrow is the 4th, so we will have hot dogs and apple pie.

Jesker looks quite dapper with his trim!

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Love the collage. It's hot here in Devon too but FREEZING cold at work where the air-conditioning is turned up to its max. We've complained - it's not good for global warming, apart from giving me frostbite.

Maureen said...

Aw, Jesker looks so great! I love the collage; but I too need translation!