Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just like yesterday...

Just like yesterday, I'm sitting here very cozily while outside it rains. I consider myself very lucky that I'm inside where it is 23 degrees and not outside where it is 15 degrees. I don't know why it's so warm in here, but it always is, even though I have the top windows open and feel a draft going.

Yesterday was a very successful day. I got all the groceries done and the apartment cleaned up, so I had to celebrate that fact by eating a piece of Brie and a glass of vanilla yogurt. Not all at once, of course. The supermarket was all out of the cheap Camembert, so I had to buy the Brie instead and that was a real sacrifice. Jesker likes the Brie as well as he likes the Camembert and always gets the last bite, for which he very patiently waits, the poor dog.

Cleaning the apartment was easy, especially when you consider that I had not done anything significant all week. I tried to do chores by threes, but sometimes I cheated and did them by twos or fours, depending on my stamina. I didn't mop the floors yet and must consider doing that today, even though it is a day of rest. Otherwise I'll do them tomorrow afternoon.

I had to go to the tobacconist and buy two weeks worth of tobacco, because they're going on vacation and will be closed. It was a painful amount of money to pay all at once, but it doesn't really matter, because I would have spent it anyway. You just don't notice it as much when you spend it once a week, it hurts less. A husband and wife own the tobacco shop and even though I can buy tobacco at the supermarket, I like to support the little shops and buy as many things there as I can. I can buy stamps there and trash bags and my bus tickets and newspapers and greeting cards and chocolate bars. Not that I buy the latter, of course. No, I never do.

I still haven't officially lost 9 kilos, I'm very close, but not quite there. I keep hanging around the same amount of weight and I hadn't weighed myself in quite a few days. I kept forgetting to get on the bathroom scale. That shows you how important it was for me. Apparently not very.

Jesker hasn't been for his walk yet, but I think he knows that it's raining, because he doesn't show the least inclination. Maybe he'll want to eat first. I accidentally bought him some puppy food and he likes it very much. It's got a lot of chunks of meat in it, it must be very nutritious.

A single church bell is ringing, that's unusual, as a rule more than one rings. It must be for something special. Maybe in remembrance of someone. It sounds very ominous, as if it is a warning signal for danger. It is a hypnotizing sound and you can't tune it out. I am waiting for it to stop and for all the bells to start ringing jubilantly like they usually do around this time. I've opened up the kitchen window so I can hear it better and now I can hear the single bell ring, but I can also hear the bells from the other church. There, now everything has stopped.

Not being a Catholic makes all this bell ringing a little bit mysterious for me. I don't know all the rules that go with it. I'm surrounded by Catholic churches, but I never see any of my neighbors go to church, yet they all claim to be Catholic. They've all been baptized and have Catholic names and have done their first communion, but they never go to church. I would excommunicate them all. They'll all want to be buried on sacred ground with the rites of a priest, no doubt.

Well, Jesker has eaten his puppy food and now wants to go out and it has stopped raining, so I guess we better go.

I hope you all have a great Sunday with many jubilant church bells.



Babaloo said...

I love the image of you sitting with the window open listening to the church bells. The perfect picture of a Sunday morning. Not that I'm religious...

Honey loves a bit of cheese, too, not surprised Jesker likes it. When we still had poor little Lana the cat the two of them waited patiently every morning at breakfast for their slice of cheese. Now I don't give Honey any cheese at breakfast anymore because Jack will want some, too, and he seems to be lactose intolerant. Apparently a lot of dogs are.

You've done well with your cleaning yesterday, I think you deserve a day of rest, it being Sunday or not.

Have a gorgeous, lazy day!

Frances said...

enjoy a well-earned rest in your tidied flat. I am enjoying a completely unearned rest in the chaos of our house while guests are out walking around the harbour. I have 6 more arriving tonight and should be rushing around getting sleeping positions ready... but I'm not. Bad girl.
have a lovely day

Maggie May said...

There don't seem to be any Church bells ringing round here these days, but there are many churches. I love to hear them though!
Thought your illustration this morning was a bit unusual..... but you are talking about Church bells, I suppose.

Glad you have done your cleaning. Now I have to get started! I have much to do before the weekend when daughter and grandsons come to stay for a long weekend.

Your weather is warmer than ours...... if not drier!
Where IS all this rain coming from?
Have a good day & keep dry! X

SugarCain said...

Good for you, Irene. I know you feel better when you've done the cleaning and then can relax behind the computer. When I saw the picture you'd chosen for today, I thought, oh no, Irene is going into the religious mood, but no. I find you calm, listening to the bells and watching the rain. That's a lovely image to have of you.

Milo said...

I love having a warm drink in a cold day too. cheese is also expensive here, i used to love it (i am a bit lactose intolerant these days..)
but i still treat myself to a bite every now and then.
Hope you are having a beautiful day too.
Love, Milo

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I live in a village and the church bells regularly ring out. I love them but there are a few people who get annoyed with their ringing early on a Sunday morning. I'm so envious that you've done your cleaning. I've been looking at mine all weekend and thinking I really must get started....

Gail said...

The single tolling, reminds me of the use of church bells in the ninteen century, here they was used, not only to summon people to church, but to announce some emergency.

You have painted a peaceful picture with your words and I like it.

Maureen said...

No church bells here, but indeed a day of rest after pulling weeds yesterday. Now the deck out back is so inviting, I just may spend the day reading out there. It is finally warm and sunny after a cool and rainy week. Hope your days turn sunny again soon.

Happy Sunday Irene!