Thursday, July 09, 2009

Friendly Goodbyes...

The "cleaning lady" and I had a very friendly parting of our ways this morning. She came at 11 am and I made her a cup of coffee and she looked around and was impressed and I told her how I cleaned house nowadays and she was impressed again and had me explain it in the smallest detail so she could use it for her other clients, and then we both came to the conclusion that I really didn't need her anymore and we were both relieved and happy about that.

I have to say that she was genuinely pleased for me and I do think that she thought that in some way she had made a contribution, and maybe she did in as far as she got me off my butt and cleaning house again. There was a challenge to me after all.

In the time that these people came to see me my mood changed from a downcast one to an upbeat one and I stopped taking the Temazepam during the day. I also stopped being so tired all the time and got much more energy and I stopped taking naps during the day. So it is a combination of factors that helped me on the right road again. Nobody gets to take the complete credit, except for the natural fluctuations that happen in my mood on the long term every season.

It is very dark in here. Black clouds have gathered and we are being pummeled by strong winds and rain. I was just out there going to the tobacconist for my weekly supply of tobacco and filter tubes and it was dry then and pleasant, but I saw the black clouds coming. I had already walked Jesker and made sure that no laundry was hanging out on the clothing line.

I'm now into multi tasking. My friend Lucien called me, and rather then sit there and waste the time chatting, I made the bed while I talked to her and gathered dishes and stacked them in the sink and filled it with hot soapy water. Then I took a wet cloth and wiped all the surfaces in the living room while I talked to her and emptied the old kibbles from the cat bowls and put in new ones and also put new kibbles in the dog's bowl. I couldn't wash the dishes, because for that I needed two hands and if I clench the phone between my ear and my shoulder, I very often get cut off, so I don't do that anymore. But I would if I could.

I was at the vet with Jesker and he gave me two tubes of antibiotic cream that I have to apply twice a day. I mentioned that Jesker was snorting and sneezing and the vet looked at his teeth immediately and saw that he had an infected canine, so we have an appointment on Friday afternoon when Jesker will be anesthetized and have his tooth looked at and maybe pulled out. I will pick up his drowsy body at 7 pm with my sister and her car and take him home where he can sleep the anesthetic off. The poor dog, it's always something and it will make him even more scared of the vet.

I'm not hypo manic anymore and haven't been since yesterday. I'm in a downward phase now and don't feel in the least enthusiastic, although I was earlier in the day. Somebody's come and popped my balloon. I can't blow it up anymore.

Hey, you get me in all my moods and right now I'm in a depressed one and I don't feel good. I think I'll go do a set of three of something to try and help me get out of it. It doesn't matter what it is,as long as it's useful. I know, I'll open the dreaded mail that's be waiting for me for two days.



aims said...

Try to fight the downward spiral if you can Irene.

I don't personally understand how we can all of a sudden be heading down when we've been up for a while. I know I prefer the up but sometimes I just can't battle against the slide down and the wallowing around in it.

Like now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lot of 'ups' in your day already, hopefully the 'down' won't last long :0)

Maggie May said...

Glad you don't have to have the cleaning lady round anymore. She wasn't that helpful but at least she thought she had helped you.

Sorry to hear about poor Jesker. You know in some ways I am glad I don't have a pet as they cost the earth in vet's fees.

Sorry to hear that you are in a downward spiral but you seem to change moods fairly rapidly so you will not be like it for long. Do you find that encouraging?

Hope you have a good night, Irene X

John said...

Good that she is out of best.

dianeclancy said...

Dear Irene,

I am pleased for you that you started the day so well ... and remember life has lots of ebbs and flows ...

You have lots of strength and insight!!

There is a little something for you over at my blog.

~ Diane Clancy

Anonymous said...

I liked how you handled the situation with the cleaning lady. Good for you.

So sorry to hear about Jesker. Hope all goes smoothly. I know that alone can take its toll emotionally (and financially).

Keep fighting the depression. Use the skills/things that have helped you in the past and remember you are not alone. You have so much knowledge about bi polar, reach out when you need to. Pamper yourself and know I'll be thinking of you.

SugarCain said...

Irene, It was very gracious of you to send the "cleaning woman" off thinking she'd been helpful to you. You have perhaps helped other people through her.

I hope you'll find a branch or something to catch hold of. You don't always go all the way down when your mood reverses, remember.

Gail said...

Oh, you have come such a long ways! I shall be inspired to do my three again.

Babaloo said...

Hope that downish mood didn't last too long.

You've done really well with the cleaning and this trick of doing things in sets of 3s is really great. Tried and tested now by myself! :)

Poor Jesker, hope everything goes OK for him!