Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday evening.

Th great thing about Sunday is that you can catch up on a lot of things, such as your mail and Facebook, but you can also take great naps on the sofa while you "watch" the Tour de France and that is even better.

I think I really needed the nap to set my mind straight as I was a little discombobulated for whatever reason, but I did get the mail done. Quite suddenly, when I wasn't expecting it myself, I grabbed my reading glasses and the mail and sat down at the dining table and opened each envelope and dealt with the contents immediately and appropriately, and so I worked my way through the whole pile.

It was rather painless and not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I had to fill in some forms that will have to be mailed and filed away a bunch of things and received one unexpected bill that I was unhappy about, but it can't be helped and will automatically be withdrawn from my account on the 21st, which is good, because I'll actually have money then. I'll have to borrow from myself to make up the difference.

I count dealing with the mail as one chore, but a big one and I don't expect myself to do two other chores afterwards. I deserve kudos after I deal with the mail and file it all in the right place. I always think a slice of bread with jam is in order. That's a treat for me and an extra glass of fruit juice.

I'm sure not getting all my medication in this morning screwed me up a bit, but I took my evening dose early, so I'm okay now. I have my doses of medicines that I take during the day, but they are not all the same, so it was just waiting for the evening dose to come along to make sure everything was in my system again. I couldn't really repeat the morning dose, because I thought that some of it had gone down. I'll ask my psychiatrist the next time I see him.

I had that slice of bread with luncheon meat before I went to sleep and I think that's what the problem was. It wasn't properly digested yet and sat like a lump in my little stomach. I mustn't eat just before I go to sleep.

The nap was wonderful and I didn't wake up until after 6 pm. Jesker was laying on his blanket and then scooted close for some petting. We've been out for his last walk and it wasn't that cold outside, even though it was overcast. Cloudy days with warm temperatures are expected. That means I can wear my slippers, which give my little toe an opportunity to heal so well.

I have to not forget to put out the trash and the green container and go to bed on time to get up early in the morning for my creative therapy. My plan is to not miss any classes this week and I want to stick to that.

I have started reading again before I fall asleep, though I don't get very far. Just a few pages and I'm asleep, so it will take me a while before I finish my book. Tessa Edwards had some great suggestions for books and I really can't wait to add them to my wish list. I have a wish list a mile long over at that I have to update now.

I just want to own books, have them in my possession with all their pretty covers and titles. I'd like to have a book case full of unread books. That would be a real treasure to me. I have two at home that I have to finish before I get to order any others. When I'm almost done with the second one, I'll order a new one or two.

I can't do book mooch, because I'm loathe to give books away, even if I get new ones in their place. I just want people to send me books, I don't want to send any away.

Well, I'll make myself a nice mug of decaf now and enjoy the rest of my time behind the computer doing very many important things. You know how that goes. One project leads to another.

Have a good night and nice weather tomorrow.



Grit said...

you have had a gentle sunday! i want to feel content like that; i feel i have achieved not much today. except i watched the kitchen mouse make for our bin. i have put kiwi fruit on the trap again. it will eat it and scarper. really, i am doing nothing but feeding it and making it tame.

Maggie May said...

I always keep exceptionally good books or ones that are important/sentimental to me. However, I do pass on quite a few others that I have enjoyed, either to family or charity. They do mount up. I have a box of books to read!
Have a great sleep & keep those tablets down! X

SugarCain said...

Hi, Irene. Glad you got to that stack of mail. It's maddening sometimes.

I used to have thousands of books but I realized that all the bookcases were making my living space at least a foot smaller all the way around, so I eventually divested myself of 3,000 books, either selling or giving away. I still have a number of them, but I felt lighter. I definitely understand the feeling of wanting to keep them all. They are nice cozy companions to have around.

Gail said...

Mail: one, Trash: two, Green bag: have done your three!!

I did my mail today too.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Well, you know I love books to although for different reasons:) I have my rules, a code of ethics so to speak, but hand me a book and I will cut it up.
My postcard for the word mail art call took 9 days to the Netherlands. I was impressed with that.
Good on you for dealing with your mail, it can be daunting to deal with when it builds up. I open it but don't always get around to doing anything with it! Naughty me:)

Maureen said...

Ah, I love books too... it really is a treat for me to wander the aisles of bookstores at my leisure.

I just finished Twilight. I read it in three days, and really enjoyed it. On to New Moon now.

I know they aren't your cup of tea, but that's the good thing about books; there are lots for every taste!

Wisewebwoman said...

I used to be so possessive about books Irene but now only keep ones I will definitely re-read and reference books.
I do like the way the colours decorate the place and also having a shelf of unreads. Bliss.

Frances said...

Do you have secondhand bookshops there? They are a really good way of getting hold of books cheaply. Some of the online bookstores are good too, if you want to buy them by the boxful!
glad nothing too bad happened, you probably have a good amount of drug in your system, so missing one may not be too much of a problem, just a little blip.