Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Where I ought to be...

It's late at night and I ought to be in bed, but it is so cozy here right now that I'm reluctant to go and climb under the duvet. Instead I will make myself some decaf and think of things to write about.

Jesker just had his second meal of the day, which he had to remind me of. I thought he would forget in my effort to make him lose a little bit of weight, but no way, he stood there barking at me and his dish and then at the can until I got my act together and set the filled dish down in front of him. He is now snoring contently on his blanket and he will be out of it until the morning.

The cats are reluctantly eating their kibbles that they liked so much at first. Cats are very frustrating animals. Their tastes change constantly and what they like one week, they dislike the next. I always feel I have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to their food and keep picking out just the right one. I should just stubbornly stick with one food and let them eat that one or else...it's up to them, but I'm a softy and fall for all the promises made on the bags of kibbles in the supermarket. New, improved, better tasting, full of meat, full of fish! They see me coming from a mile away. There's a sucker born every minute.

I cleaned the doors and they now are amazingly free of that grimy sheen that was on them. I only have two doors left to do and then the woodwork. That will be divided up into other three chore jobs. I have a bad shoulder, so repetitively scrubbing doors gets painful after a while and I'm not that good left handed. Three doors are just enough to handle. Then I have to wash the window panes above the doors and I also noticed more cobwebs, so I have to get the vacuum cleaner out and eradicate them. I will do that on Thursday. The Big Cleaning Day!

I have this attitude right now that I will not be defeated by the continual dirt in the apartment and that I will get on top of it. I have taken it on as a personal challenge and while I'm cleaning, I notice all the things that have been left undone for a long time, but with my new system I will get them done and keep them done, come hell or high water.

Jesker comes and investigates to see what I'm doing. He watches me with a very interested look on his face, but doesn't like me to close the door on him when I have to clean the other side. He is used to all the doors being open. He is also very alert when the kitchen window and the back door are open and constantly thinks he hears things that he has to bark at. I don't correct him, because I want him to be alert, and I praise him every time he barks at some real or imagined noise. I want him to be my guard dog and scare people away.

The cats sit in the open kitchen window and observe the street. They have found out that it is not their territory, that other cats rule there, and they stick close to the window, to my great relief. Sometimes they come running inside very quickly, because they think they've seen something scary, but then they very carefully go back out again. They are very curious.

So you see that my life would not be half as interesting without the animals, although they cause more than half the work in the apartment. It's amazing how dirty a dog makes the place, but I wouldn't want to have it any other way. They are my constant source of humor and love.

Tomorrow I'm going to be busy. I have creative therapy until 3 pm and then I have to do groceries and go see my SPN and go by the pharmacy on the way home. I don't know if I'll get to do three chores, probably not. That will be my day off then. Or it will be a one chore day. Oh wait, the groceries and the pharmacy are two chores, so I only need to do one thing. Aha!

Now I'm going to bed, because it's very late and I have to be somewhat sensible.

Sleep tight, all you people, some of you who are already in your bed.



Gail said...

You have such a wonderful system, I should try it or maybe not.

jeannette stgermain said...

there's no system in my cleaning. If something looks dirty, I'll clean it when I get to it - It's good that I left Holland, because I'm not a good example of Dutch cleanliness LOL!

Catherine said...

Hi Irene, love your post on the day, it's fun to think you have just blogged an hour or so ago and Ishould really be in bed now, I have to be up for work in a few hours. I have to get over my late nights! I liked your thunderstorm grey sky pic too. Weather here is ghastly. As for clean houses, you could be too fastidious and it would be like OCD, you don't want that! So revel in your comfort zone - I always remember the fridge magnet of a friend recently deceased which said My House is clean enough be safe but dirty enough to be happy or something similar - you know what I mean anyway. I can't tolerate a high dirt level but I am not fanatical! I had friends and family who postively scared the hell out of me with their cleaning habits! Life's too short for that!

Maureen said...

Ah yes... the problem with cleaning is, that once something is clean, it shows the dirty areas even more! And it never ends, does it? But you are right; I would rather have pets than an antiseptic house. Furry family members make it a home.

Maggie May said...

I can't believe your apartment is as dirty as you make out! You are always cleaning!

I am going to have a blitz during my summer holiday. I ALWAYS say that & usually get caught up in many other appealing things to do!

I think that cats are a bit like children can be...... finicky about their meals....... bless them!

Have a good day, Irene X

Frances said...

I am going to use your three things system. I think it is excellent.
Not for the days when I really am busy - when it would slow me down - but for those days when I can't get motivated. I will think of 3 things and do them and reward myself with a mental pat on the back.

Lane said...

You've reminded me I need to clean the windows - my absolute least favourite job. I think I need a system too - maybe one window a day.

Hope it's cooler where you are now.