Thursday, July 02, 2009

Waking up properly.

What I need to do now, in order to wake up properly, is write a post, otherwise I'll sit here forever in a state of half sleep wondering why I can't get the day started.

I shut the alarm clock off at 7 am and slept some more, but I dreamed like crazy, so it felt like a lot of work. They are all dreams in which I figure myself out and face some things of my past symbolically.

I've gotten pretty good at figuring things out, as long as I'm honest with myself and I'm willing to look at the unpleasant aspects too. There are no deep hidden meanings in my dreams, usually. Most of it is pretty blatant, as long as I remember that it's coming from my mind and my imagination, which runs rampant at times, I must admit.

I dreamed I was feeding Africa. I had a black baby on my hips and a broken bottle that would not hold milk, but it would hold whipped cream. So I went to a wealthy house and sneaked into the kitchen and filled the bottle with cream, but some elderly men lived there and found the whipped cream and wanted it all for themselves. That's a pretty obvious dream, isn't it?

I don't know, maybe that dream does have a hidden meaning that I'm not seeing. Maybe I see myself as a third world country, who knows? And the broken bottle is my psyche and the elderly men are the men in my life and I can't live on ordinary plain milk, I need whipped cream. Psychologically speaking, because when your psyche is broken, ordinary milk leaks out and whipped cream does not and Africa was just a vessel to pour my meaning into. If that's the case, I'm more clever than I thought I was.

Well, I'm pretty sure that's it.

Jesker is going to get a trim and a bath today. Totally unaware of this, he is laying here beside me not knowing that at 1:30 pm he will be at his "favorite" place ready to be made handsome again. He always trembles a bit when I leave him behind on the table and I feel just the littlest bit bad, but it must be done, otherwise he will start to resemble a mop.

Oh yes, speaking of food. I have now lost 8 kilos, because this morning I weighed 91.9 kilos. Pretty good, huh? I love it when I get on the bathroom scale and I'm not expecting anything and I've lost weight. For now, I have 6.9 kilos left to lose. After that I'll see if I can lose any more. If I keep eating the way I am now without going hungry, I'll lose weight automatically. If I add cheese or yogurt, I don't know what is going to happen. I may like them too much and eat too much of them.

That's the thing you see, I can't have anything in the refrigerator or the cupboards that I like a lot, because I'll start eating more often, not because I'm hungry, but because it tastes good. I have to be my own policeman when I shop or otherwise I'll buy the wrong things.

Well, I'm properly awake now, so I'll get the day started. Jesker has eaten and no doubt has to go and do big business now,

Have a great day, you all, we're actually expecting some rain along with the hot temperatures. It will be tropical.



Maggie May said...

Hope Jesker enjoys the cool feeling that his wash & clip will give him. Glad I don't have to wear a compulsory fur coat!
It is boiling here.

I think you might have an affinity with Africa because you chose all those African ladies for your header. Remember?
You can interpret dreams any way you wish & maybe only you knows what it meant. (That's what my friend, who is a counsellor) says anyway.

Have a good day today.
I am bracing myself for the hot playground!
Will be like a furnace. I think we must be the only country in Europe who encourages children to go out in the mid day sun. Well you know what they say about mad dogs & Englishmen..... I think it is true!


John said...

who cut the cheese?

Dave King said...

It could be an obvious dream, but I think it's a bit ambiguous. Interesting post.

Frances said...

It's your dream and only you know what it's about. If I dreamt it, it would be about something else.
How about some funky gel on Jesker's fur? then he can have a fashionable hairstyle. LOL

among found objects said...

Maybe you are Africa and you are just slightly hungry for milk products? Thought it funny you mentioned the two in the same entry (cheese and milk).

Would a low fat yogurt be bad.
I remember reading years back that milk products especially yogurt aided weight loss.

Way to go with the weight loss. about 8 years ago i lost about 12 kilos. It made me feel in control of my life not just good about losing weight. I also felt less tired.

A big kiss to you.

among found objects said...

I really dont know if your diet is specialised but here is an interesting article.

SugarCain said...

Hi, Irene. Is the picture at the head of your post "Dutch hole cheese"? That's how I've been imagining it.

I've been meaning to tell you that your most recent photo is very good. Some people would pay money to have your beautiful rosy cheekbones.

Anonymous said...

That seems like a full-on dream to me. Dreams are often just a mixture of jumbled up emotions, played out whilst we sleep and very often we remember nothing of them. I dream a lot and remember far too many. I have recently had a lot of dreams about a man I used to know in 1996/97. Very strange really.

CJ xx

aims said...

Your weight loss is just so inspiring Irene. You made me get on the scales this morning and I made a note of the weight and promised to try and keep up with you.


Gail said...

I need you for a healthy choices coach and a life coach.

San said...

Irene, what an intriguing dream! Your interpretation makes a lot of sense, but I find that the meaning of dreams sometimes changes with my life. I may think of a dream that I had months ago and have a new revelation about it, because of something that's happened in waking life.

Congratulations on your weight loss! I've been overeating and need to change my evil ways. Thanks for the reminder.

Maureen said...

Wow, that was some dream! I rarely remember my dreams; or if I do, they are just snippets...

Hope Jesker loved his pampering as much as you did a few days back!