Saturday, July 04, 2009


Because I've done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and dusted the living room and should now vacuum the same, I am sitting here procrastinating and reading the last of the posts of the blogs that I had not read yet.

I am avoiding vacuuming and trying to tell myself that I can do other things instead, such as fold two loads of dry laundry which are hanging outside and on the drying rack in the bathroom, and then iron the clothes that are too wrinkled to hang straight back into my closet.

If I do those things instead, will I be excused from vacuuming and will I be allowed to sweep instead? I think so. I've pretty much convinced myself and the day isn't over yet and there is lots of time to do all the things I plan to do.

I changed my bed last night and there is nothing better than sleeping between clean sheets on clean pillow cases and if I were completely nuts, I'd do it every other day for the pleasure of it. I used to know someone who put clean sheets on her bed every day, but she had a dryer and I can't compete with that. I need at least two days to wash the sheets and get them dry. That is if the weather co-operates. If they have to dry inside, it may take longer.

The water coming from my hot water heater is so hot, that it's nearly boiling, so I have to look in a while to see if I can lower the temperature, because I don't need it quite that hot. I can barely do the dishes in it without burning myself and have to add cold water. So it's too hot and a waste of energy. I wear rubber gloves, but they hardly help and today I broke a glass and I think it was because of the heat, because I wasn't manhandling it.

Jesker has little bitty bones in his bowl, but his sight is so bad, that from a distance he doesn't see them and he stands beside me barking in the direction of his bowl. I say to him, "Go see, go get them," but that only makes him bark harder, so I have to get up and show him one of the little bitty bones. Finally he catches on and realizes that he has to keep going back to his bowl, even though he doesn't see anything. That's because of the cataracts. Jesker is becoming a dog with an instruction booklet.

I come with an instruction booklet myself. "Needs to blog after doing several household chores!" I don't even switch the computer off anymore in the afternoon. I'm either working behind the computer or listening to music on Deezer while I do my chores. I used to have a radio, but I'm without one now and I don't think I'll invest in one soon, because I don't like most radio stations. Even the Jazz Station plays very middle of the road jazz, very safe jazz that the lowest common denominator will like, so you can't expect anything exciting there.

Okay, onward Christian Soldiers! Up to my next chores. I must do at least three things before I get to sit down here again. That's a rule I just made up. I do have to keep a reign on myself.

See you in the next post!



Maggie May said...

I leave my computer sleeping most of the day! I run back to it whenever I have a moment! Bit of an addict!

Jesker and cataracts. What a pity dogs can't wear glasses as it is such a common operation in a human. Would probably cost the earth if they started operating on dogs.

I know exactly what you mean about the clean sheets. It is a real pleasure to snuggle between freshly laundered ones. Like you, I couldn't cope with every other day! Oh to be rich and pay some one to come in daily to change them for crisp ones!
We can dream.......
Have a good day.

Maggie X

Gail said...

Nothing like the feel and smell of freshly air dryed sheets.

Pass some of your house work energy my way. I just want to go to the barn...or sleep.

I like the idea of making your own rules.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I'm always making up rules and breaking them too Irene and putting timers on and rewarding myself when I've been 'good'. I was meant to have servants, I was just born into the wrong family, swapped at birth, adopted out for a while by my royal family to see how the peasants lived and then they died when their yacht went down near the Bahamas. *sigh*

laurie said...

i make those rules for myself, too!

sweet jesker. boscoe is getting cataracts too. his eyes are all cloudy. and i guess the diabetes will hasten it along. but he knows where his food is.

SugarCain said...

Irene, This post makes me smile. I too make up rules. Sometimes they stick, the best ones, but many are like New Year's resolutions... gone with the wind. My favorite is that I can watch any television show I like as long as I jump up and move during commercials. I must clean or exercise. I can do most anything for that short amount of time. I also leave my computer on sleeping constantly, just waiting for a touch of the mouse to wake it and spur it into action. I know there's the energy consumption, but The Woodsman says that it is harder on the computer to be turned on and off, so I guess it works out somehow.

John said...

Republicans are very fond of vacumning.

GOP luvs ya. No child or dutch person left behind.

John said...

Republicans are very fond of vacumning.

GOP luvs ya. No child or dutch person left behind.

Babaloo said...

Hm, Jesker should be able to smell that there's food in his bowl. Never mind see it. Dogs can smell better than see anyway, I think. I think he's having you on - having it served right in front of his nose is much nicer than having to trot over to the bowl! ;-)

Maureen said...

We got a new water heater recently, and yikes, they turned it up hot! I am constantly cursing at the scalding... I really need to go turn that silly thing down.