Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rotten in Denmark...

You would think that taking eight pills would not be a problem for my gastric band, but I have just sat here in complete misery, unable to take another sip of coffee, because I had taken my morning medication. I felt like I was going to upchuck everything and finally did and now I don't know how much medication stayed in and what came out, but at least I'm out of my misery. Man, that was awful!

I'm sorry to start with such a dubious subject, but it was high on my mind, having just happened. I will now try and turn my thoughts elsewhere and speak of other things.

Yesterday I managed to sit behind the computer most of the day, except for the evening when I fell asleep again on the sofa with the TV on, which was very pleasant. When I wake up, I think I'm capable of doing all sorts of things, but I'm a fool and just need to go to bed and keep on sleeping.

I made myself a slice of bread with lunch meat and then had to guard it with my life against Toby who tried to steal the meat off my bread. Luckily, he found the old piece of lunch meat that I had left in his dish, and that I hadn't wanted to put on my bread, and he ate that instead.

While I was sitting behind the computer yesterday, I visited the writing sites Pen 10 and Six Sentences and read the short stories there and left comments and wrote my own two short stories which you can read here and here. They're kind of gruesome, so you're warned ahead of time.

I find I like writing gruesome stories and I like for there to be a shock value at the end. I don't know why this is so, but it is a new development and one I'm embracing for now. It's not like I go around thinking these things all day long or being afraid of them.

In the meantime, I'm supposed to be getting dressed and walking Jesker, but he is sound asleep by my feet and snoring. I think I will do some chores today, as I did hardly anything yesterday and for some reason my guilt feelings are playing up. For one thing, I have to open all the mail from the last few days. That may or may not be a shocking experience. I'll have to brace myself for it. Didn't I say something about that a while back?

Okay, I'm getting the show on the road.

Have yourself a lovely Sunday with as much rain as you need.



Maggie May said...

Aw.... sorry you chucked the pills up. That's awful & you don't know how much medication got through so you shouldn't take more. That is a problem.I wonder if this has ever happened before and if you should get advice on what to do?

You will have to watch that Toby and the luncheon meat! Cats can be like gannets & then chuck up too!

Have a good rest of the day! No more chucking, do you hear! X

SugarCain said...

Irene, I sure wish you would figure out a way to cure that mail phobia because I have it also. My goodness, last week I had an envelope from the credit card company and I worried over it for three days before finally looking at it. It was just an offer to get me in deeper, not a rate hike. Three days it was in the back of my mind chewing like a rat, and it was nothing. I may have to employ the rule of threes to that problem: open three pieces of mail, and then you can get back on the computer. I don't know if it will work, but I'm always making deals with myself, as if my mind is a sullen teenager.

Frances said...

ew - yes that is a problem. I suppose if you throw up directly after swallowing the pills you can be pretty sure you didn't absorb anything. I do agree with Maggie May, could be worth getting a professional opinion - you really don't want to be without a dose of some of your meds.
Just got back from long drive from London, read all your posts, but no energy to comment. Glad to see you have been well.

Gail said...

Sorry you had to toss your cookies so early in the morning. That does not make for a good start.
Maybe you can divide them, part in the morning and part at noon.

Maureen said...

I have the same problem with bills in the mail... but it is never as bad as I imagine. You'd think I'd learn...