Monday, July 06, 2009


We had a big old thunderstorm this afternoon (Noah's Ark Type) and the rain just poured out of the heavens in buckets. It was great, because I was inside looking out at it, having just gotten home from therapy and not quite to the point of having taken out Jesker. Excellent timing on my part.

I opened up the kitchen window and the back door and got a good draft going that cooled things off quite a bit in here. As soon as it stopped raining, I took Jesker for a walk and it was so nice out, fresh and cool and everything was soaking wet and drenched all the way through and I think they've seeded the two fields, so the rain could not come at a more opportune moment.

After I got home with Jesker, I did my three chores faithfully and then turned on the computer and another rainstorm hit. It was wonderful and it poured buckets again. I can't tell you how much I like the rain, That is as long as I'm not caught out in it. It's great to sit inside and watch the whole street turn into a shallow lake in a few minutes flat and feel the cool air from it. It''s going to rain on Tuesday and Wednesday too and the temperatures are going to be a lot cooler, which I think is just fine.

So, I've done those three chores, but I've already thought of three other chores I can do, so when I'm finished with this post, I'll go do them. It will take me half an hour maximum. Maybe twenty minutes. I am going to clean three doors with a special wood cleaning product. that takes the grime right off.

This morning, I got on my bike and tried to ride away on it, when the pedals did their spinning thing again and I lost my balance and fell over and landed on the sidewalk on my elbow and my knees. I said, "Shit," and didn't move right away, because I was taking inventory as to what I had hurt, but I only had some dents in my knees and a scraped elbow. So I picked up that lousy bike and got on it again and rode off on it to my creative therapy class.

So, now I either have to get that bike fixed or get me a second hand bike at the recycle store, whichever is cheapest. I can't afford to keep falling over. I may get hurt. This is something I have to discuss with the Exfactor, because he is the bike repairman.

At creative therapy I finished drawing my doodle and started coloring it with ink and a brush, It's turning out nicely and I'm getting compliments on it, which I think are undeserved, because it isn't that great. It's just okay. I really want to sculpt again, but I can't find anything in the book that I want to make and I'm not inspired enough to make anything on my own. I have a blockage that keeps me from being free and expressive in clay and I do so want to be.

I can't break through the barrier of being an okay artist to being a shocking or controversial or renewing artist. I'm stuck on the middle of the road. I'm just a middle class artist and I'm afraid there's something missing in the core of me that will make me a little bit great and unusual, but I tell myself that I haven't been in touch with that part yet and that I need to do a lot more work.

That's why I need to invest in some art materials for here at home and I am going to have to spend some of my precious money and buy them.

Well anyway, all pondering aside, I have an inside scoop and that is that the clinic where my SPN and my psychiatrist work, is going to be having creative therapy also and I think that is mighty interesting for future reference.

I have been wearing my toe slippers none stop, because my little toe is so happy for the freedom from pressure on it. For the first time in more than six months it's not hurting, thank goodness for that. I will probably not wear regular shoes all summer. Even when it gets cold. Oh, listen to those famous last words.

Now I'm going to wash those doors.

Have a good day, everyone, a good and cool day with some rain in it.



aims said...

I'm not sure what brings about inspiration. All I know about pottery and clay is that I watch my brother sit down with a block of clay and start up the wheel. He claims he doesn't know what he is going to make until his hands start doing it by themselves.

I do know that he spends a lot of time looking at other people's work.

I am finding the same with the jewelry. Sometimes I haven't a clue - but open a magazine and suddenly the ideas are popping into my head - mostly when I'm trying to sleep.....

Keep looking at other things Irene. Soak it in bit by bit.

I honestly believe you are a gifted artist. I think you are unintentionally blocking yourself with your own fear. Thankfully with clay you can just mound it all up and pound it down and start again. And if it fails out of the kiln - it makes lovely artistic pieces out in the garden - embedded in the dirt.

Maggie May said...

Sorry you fell off your bike. Hope you get it fixed for good.
You are a really good artist.
Have a really good night.
It is pouring down here. X

Elaine said...

You're an incredible artist.

Wisewebwoman said...

You have talent to burn, Irene. There are always downturns when the muse turns her back for a while but then she bounces back in again and says 'let's play!'
I think you're on to something with creating your own studio.

Maureen said...

I guess getting a used bike really IS re-cycling, isn't it???

I am so sorry you fell and hurt yourself... you do need to invest in a safer bike.

And yes, you ARE a wonderful artist... you're creative and imaginative.

Gail said...

Middle of the road artist, horse hockey!!!
Your art is wonderful. Let the clay tell you what it wants to be, listen to it, feel it talk, take away what doesn't belong and there will be the art.

PS...send some rain our way.

SugarCain said...

Irene, You are definitely creative, and I love looking at your work.

Breakfast in California said...

Hope you didn't skin anything when you fell off your bike. You'll know when you're ready to sculpt, inspiration will come!