Friday, July 17, 2009

Is it time yet?

I'm up early, but I've done so much sleeping since last night that I think it doesn't matter if I'm up already now. I hardly remember what I did last night, except that I think I slept a lot and when I woke up I was ravished and ate a two egg omelet, which surprisingly stayed down. It was all light and fluffy, though, and Jesker sat beside me for naught, because I ate it all by myself. He resigned himself to that, but what else could he do? Gandhi came and licked the salt from the plate and Jesker watched her with a curious look on his face, because he knew that plate was empty.

Speaking of cats, Toby and Gandhi now stand on the kitchen counter together and wait for me to get there and then find all possible ways to show me how much they love me and purr loudly.
They make quite a production out of it, but it's all to get that delicious food in the pouches. Boy, do they love that! They hardly give me time to put it in their dishes, they are already eating before I'm done. It pleases me very much to see them eat with such an appetite and I really don't mind. They also eat their kibbles still, so they are getting enough nutrition, although the more food in pouches they eat, the less kibbles. Those cats have me all figured out.

Eduard always says that those animals don't have anything else to do but observe us all day long and they completely figure us out that way. I think there is a lot of truth in that.

Today is creative therapy day and the first thing I'm going to do is destroy that ugly sculpture I made and not start a new one, because I think that right now I should not be sculpting. I'm obviously not in a sculpting state of mind and haven't been for a while. You must have the right feeling in your fingers in order to sculpt well and I don't have it lately. I also don't have any place left to put another sculpture. I have four standing in the bedroom on the shelves there and three in the living room.

I had started a silly doodle, but I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it. I have to look at it today and see what I think about it. It is very possible that I'll make a collage, because that's more the frame of mind I'm in. Making a statement about something or other, be it politics or society or mental health or whatever. Anything to get a feeling out. Whatever feeling. It doesn't matter which one.

I'm also seeing Von this afternoon, but we're not going to eat ourselves silly, we've already decided on that. Since we're both on a healthy eating diet, it doesn't seem like such a good idea and the fact is, that once you've started to eat something good, you only want more of it, so to prevent that, we're not even going to start.

I can buy a delicious Camembert for 99 cents at my local supermarket. I bought some the other day and let it get to room temperature and then ate it and it was great. Jesker also liked it. I couldn't finish it by myself. So, now I always have the Brie or the Camembert to look forward to, although I don't know which I prefer.

I'm going to take great care in how I dress today. It's not going to be too warm, so I can even wear long sleeves. I want to look really nice and I'm going to plow through my closet and find just the right things. So, it really is nice that I've gotten up early today. I can even do some ironing if I have to.

I hope you all have a great day and that many good things happen to you.



mrsnesbitt said...

Healthy eating diet! Yep, me too! 6 weeks to go until holiday!

jeannette stgermain said...

Ooooh, I see cheese - packing or not, I've got to have some! WHERE did you get Brie for 99c.??You're a serious sales shopper LOL

Maggie May said...

Mmmmmmmh! That cheese looks delicious. It is my weakness, I have to say! Too much is fattening, & I eat too much of it once I get started.
Hope your day is dryer than ours! Peeing down with rain here.
have a good time X.

Dave King said...

Thanks for your wish for good things to happen. You have made one good thing happen. Thanks for that also!

Maureen said...

Sounds like a terrific day planned! I hope you have a great time with Von... I have never tried Camembert cheese - I think I shall have to put that on the next grocery list.

You are so right about the animals; they know us better than we know ourselves, I think.

Have a wonderful Friday. Only a few hours left and I will be off for another three day weekend! Yay!

Wisewebwoman said...

When you said you were 'ravished' I wondered who by? LOL.

Babaloo said...

Oh, please stop posting cheese pictures and writing about cheese! I LOVE cheese and can't resist it. That photo made me right hungry for some cheese.

Hope your Friday went OK so far!

Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful day ahead.