Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wishful thinking...

The pain medication for my back is working very well, I only wish it did not upset my stomach. This is despite the fact that I take stomach tablets and it does depend on what I have eaten. I have yet to figure out what the magic combination is, but it seems to help if I drink a glass of milk with them. That is how it worked this last time anyway and maybe it will from now on.
I do know that I move around much easier and that I hardly feel any pain when the medication works, and I can easily take Tyke for a walk, providing we do not go too far and he does not pull at the leash. For the most part, he is a well behaved dog, so as a rule it is not a problem.
I must have springtime tiredness, because I am ready to take a nap at the drop of a hat and already took one this morning. I woke up because I got the hiccups, or otherwise I would have slept longer than the hour that I did. And then I usually feel like taking one in the afternoon too. Right now, my bed seems like the nicest place to spend my time, but when I am done sleeping, I am more than ready to tackle whatever kind of job I am able to.
I am doing some laundry now, and the dishes are soaking in hot sudsy water in the sink, and if I can manage it, I am going to change the bed. I do remember to use my back wisely and to bend my knees and not my back when I have to pick up something. It is not because I am so smart, but because it is to my own benefit. I do notice it if I make the wrong move.
Tyke is pretending to be exhausted and is sound asleep on the floor beside me and Gandhi is sharing the chair with me so that I have to sit on the very edge of it. Yes, we do like togetherness. We are just like the Three Musketeers, one for all, and all for one.

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