Thursday, May 02, 2013

Doing my homework.

Having found out that I have cataracts certainly explained the problems I was having with my vision. Also why my eyes were getting so tired a lot to the point that I could not sit behind the computer anymore or read any kind of text. I had also be getting headaches right above my eyes and now I understand why.
I have done some reading up about them and what the surgery involves that I will eventually have to have done. Now that I know more about cataracts, I understand my problems better, and the surgery sounds pretty straight forward and not too complicated. Whenever the time comes, I will be ready for it.
I did pick out the nicest frame for my glasses that I could find at an affordable price. It was a bit of an unexpected expense, of course, and I had not really planned it into my budget. My health insurance company, which I am very unhappy with, does not cover any of the costs of the glasses, even though it involves a condition like cataracts.
I am changing health insurance companies next year to one that will have better coverage, because the one I have now has too many exclusions. When I signed up for this one, I was not aware of that and I will be more careful the next time. You can only change once a year at the end of it and that is a pain. I do not like the way health insurance companies dictate the kind of care we get. They have way too much power.
It will be a wonderful experience to see well again. I had been suffering for months of not being able to see well and all the other complications that came with it. I had not even realized how much of a bother it was until the very last two months when using my eyes for anything at all became a problem. I think I have to be a bit more alert to when it comes to things not working well with my body. I have a tendency to ignore them for too long.
I think I was supposed to have gotten a pair of free prescription sunglasses also and I have to call about those today. I can certainly use those. I will gladly make another trip downtown to pick those out.


Connie Rose said...

You're lucky you HAVE health insurance! xo

Saunar Buboy said...

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