Thursday, May 02, 2013

It's okay to be an optimist.

Having recovered from the excitement of life and all its impressions it made on me, I am now more than ready to pick up where I left off and continue with the more ordinary side of it. It does not have to be a cliffhanger all the time after all. I do appreciate it when things get down to a more dull roar.
The way I recovered was by taking a two hour nap this afternoon and this reset my inner wellbeing to its regular cycle and normal every day movement. It is ever so pleasant to exist at this level and pace and in this space in my head. For a while I can act like there is nothing the matter and have very ordinary days and no important appointments at all.
I do wonder if I am even going to like that and if life is not going to get too dull, but I will have to add some excitement if it does. No doubt I will think of something that will add a dash of color to it, as long as it is not some part of my body malfunctioning. Although we could say that it has been well established that most of it is in one heck of a good shape. Most of my fears have not come true. The cataracts were a complete surprise.
I am still on six waiting lists for an apartment up north and I am trying to save money for the moving costs. It has been my intention to put something away in my savings account every month, but that is as far as it has gotten. Every month it turns out that I have more expenses than money. This month it is the glasses, of course, and that is how it will be every month. I am too much of a realist to expect anything different.
Luckily, the waiting lists are long, so I have some time. I purposely got myself off the short ones. These are apartments that I would like to move into very much at very good locations and they are much wanted. I do see some movement in the lists and all I have to be is patient and come up with the money. I am sure that when the time comes, something will work out because I do believe in fate.
I check the lists every day to see if my positions on them have improved yet and sometimes they have. It has become kind of a ritual. I still expect to win a lot of money in the state lottery and I have to go check my numbers as soon as I am done writing this.
Tyke just woke up out of a sound sleep barking at imaginary noises. He had to have his afternoon nap also. I ran out of his favorite food and now he has to eat what he always used to get and he does not like it. The poor animal does have a tough life.  


Rob-bear said...

Tyke? Tough life? That's a joke, eh?

Too much month at the end of the money is a common concern. Maybe if they took days out of the month, things would go more smoothly.

Best wishes on saving so you can go to a new home. Yes, it is difficult. If I lived closer, I'd offer to help with the move.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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Wisewebwoman said...

it is so difficult to save, my month runs behind my money too.
I do hope you manage to string it all together.