Sunday, May 26, 2013

It takes one to know one.

Having coffee in the middle of the night is all very well, but it does cheer you up to the point that you don't even contemplate going back to bed to finish sleeping. I made less coffee this time, so I would not be able to drink too much of it and get overly wired. I have to add that I was already cheerful when I got up, so it didn't take much caffeine to get me in the best of moods. Any minute now, when I have taken the last sips of this cup of lukewarm coffee, I will switch to lemonade, and if that does not calm me down, I will drink a glass of warm milk.
Last night, I made vegetable soup with vermicelli, but I added so much vermicelli that it was like eating a pasta dish, although I have to say that I enjoyed it and that it was very filling. I usually misjudge how much vermicelli to add and as a rule overdo it. This time, I had two bowls of soup and only had to eat one peanut butter sandwich to complete the meal. I also had a tall glass of cold milk and did not burp once, which would have been impossible as little as a month ago. I have to tell you that I do count my blessings, small but significant as they are.
The sugar in the lemonade is like fuel to my brain and is making me chipper, which is the opposite effect of what I was going for. I will make the best of it and enjoy it. It is going to be Sunday after all, and I don't have to come into action all that early. I do have to get up on time to watch the programs about music and literature, because those are my standard fare on Sunday mornings and I can't start the day without them. However, they don't come on until 9 o'clock and I will even have time to take Tyke for a walk before that.
The hot milk is warming my insides and I am pretending that it is making me feel more mellow in preparation to going back to bed. If I can sleep another three hours, I will be happy. Most likely I will not, and be up again in the shortest amount of time, because I am always too eager to start the day.

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Rob-bear said...

Hope you had a delightful day, Irene. Coffee in the middle of the night does, indeed, "cheer you up."

My challenge in all this is being cheered up. I have no problem falling asleep, anytime, at the drop of a hat. But staying asleep is the challenge. It is not helped by coffee. Sadly!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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