Sunday, May 05, 2013

Not bringing home the bacon...

I think coffee does more for me if I do not put any milk in it, no matter how nice it tastes. With milk in it, I do not seem to get the kick out of the caffeine that I need and I sit here slightly dopey as if I have had none at all. Of course, that is no pleasure at all and not the purpose of me drinking coffee, so I rinsed out my cup very well and put black coffee in it. After drinking half of it, I already feel a lot better and more able to function in a manner that I am accustomed to.
So you see, as is usual, I have to follow the instructions in the booklet that I come with and not ignore the well established rules. When something works, do not mess with it. I must keep doing the basic things as I always did and all will be well. My stomach will protest more, but I would rather have a protesting stomach than a non functioning mind. I do so appreciate my brain working well and my thoughts being of an optimistic nature. Not ingesting a food can sometimes be the best thing I can do.
I finally called the recycle store to come pick up the two big boxes of books that have been sitting in the corner of the living room for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, the domestic help has decorated around them and dusts them every week. I have to, with all my might, put them on the sidewalk Monday afternoon when they will be picked up. They are quite heavy, but I am sure I can manage it. The bookcase looks much better without those books and is easier to dust.
I wonder if my dislike for reading has something to do with the state of my eyes, and if getting stronger glasses will make any difference. It is not something that I absolutely count on because it takes more than the ability to read to actually pick up a book and enjoy it. There has to be enough curiosity too and the willingness to get lost in it. I do not know if I possess those two qualities anymore.
I have changed a lot and maybe books do not play a big role in this stage of my life, which would be totally opposite of what they used to be. But then again, I find that I am opposite of a lot of things that I used to be and much of that was a conscious choice. I suppose that along the way, I lost some other abilities. I used to be a very subjective person and now I am very objective. I believe in logic and reason and do not like to let myself be led by my emotions.
I am falling asleep and have to go back to bed. Today is Liberation Day when we celebrate our freedom.

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VioletSky said...

I went through a period where I could not muster the enthusiasm for reading any books, even though I was collecting new ones from the laundry room. I have a large basket full of books that I may one day feel inclined to read. I miss that part of my life, but also enjoy what I am doing. I also need new glasses - which, as you hint, may help :)