Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chilled to the bone.

I very quickly drank two tall glasses of ice cold milk, because I was so thirsty, and now I am very chilled, even though I am sitting here in my warm bathrobe with my socks on. This has forced me to reach for the coffeepot again and pour a cup of hot coffee to warm my cold bones. Luckily, I had not turned off the coffeemaker yet and I must have intuitively thought that I may have wanted to inhale some more caffeine later. I do have to tell you that it is doing me a world of good and that I am starting to feel warmer and more alert than I did a while ago. There is goodness in the small things.
As is usual, I am glad that it is the weekend, although I have no special reason to look forward to it. It will just mean that I will be in possession of a little bit of that holiday feeling that I always get. It is true that television watching is much more interesting in the weekends and that all of my cultural and political needs get met, because it is the one time when daytime programs are really intelligent. I suppose that is a good reason to be happy that it is the weekend, because at least I feel that my curiosity gets fed and my intellect gets stimulated.
It will also be the time to get caught up on chores, because I save those especially for the weekends, and one thing I will be doing is changing the sheets on the bed, so that I can look forward to going to sleep in a clean one. It is almost a shame that I don't have to go grocery shopping yet, because I am very much in the mood for it. I have no excuse to do that, because I have not yet run out of supplies. I don't even know if the supermarket I want to try next is open this Sunday afternoon, but if I find out that it is, I may just go shopping a little sooner.
The truth of the matter is, that I am always in a better mood in the weekends and I haven't quite figured out why that is. I do have more of a sense of freedom and I generally feel less stress. I suppose I feel that things are in a holding pattern in the weekends and I feel less threatened by what hangs over my head like the sword of Damocles. I am glad that the weekends exist for the very purpose of getting a break from the stress of the weekdays. Maybe it is not as clearly defined for other people, but I do experience it like that myself.

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