Friday, May 24, 2013

The truth of the matter.

Having another cup of hot coffee is always a good option when you have come in from the cold after you have walked your dog. This morning the temperature was down to 0 degrees Celsius and I think it has only gotten a little warmer since then. I have it from a good source that over the next month it isn't going to get all that much better, so sitting in outdoor cafes is not going to be the up and coming attraction without a warm coat on. I hope my American ex brings one with him and not only shorts and t-shirts and a light weight sweater.
Tyke, who is losing weight, is trying to convince me that he wants some other food beside his dried kibbles, and it is tough to sit here unmoved when he so patiently keeps staring at me with his big brown eyes. I do have to be ruthless and ignore him, because I only have enough wet food until the next time I go shopping and that won't be until next Tuesday. Of course, he doesn't understand this system at all and thinks I can just give him whatever he wants at any moment of the day.
I have the windows closed, but don't have the heater on, although I will probably change my mind about that later this afternoon when, as usual, I get cold and want to put my bathrobe on over my clothes. My estimated monthly energy bill is high enough that I should take advantage of it and turn the thermostat up, but I really do want to get some money back at the end of the year. And speaking of that, why does the energy company not have to pay interest over that amount?
I am still taking Ibuprofen and Paracetamol at least once a day for my back, so that is a slow process of recovery. I try to avoid taking those pills, but I find it to be necessary and they really do work. If I don't take them, I start moving carefully and that only makes my back hurt worse and that brings me further from home. Preventive medicine is the best and I don't believe in walking around with a painful back just for the sake of being brave and being able to take a beating. That's not logical and I do not admire people who are stubborn like that. They are not my role models.
I have to make a sandwich and I will do it with the first slices of the loaf of bread that the Exfactor brought over yesterday and that has 30 percent more fiber. I suppose that will be very good for me.

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Maggie May said...

I'm using ibuprofen gel for my back to avoid my stomach playing up. (You can get it on prescription.) It seems to work so far.
Poor Tyke. He managed just on Kibbles before, didn't he?
This weather is terrible. We are getting the same.
Maggie x

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