Monday, May 06, 2013

Almost life like...

Sometimes there is no better reason to write a blog post other than that you have some time on your hands that you need to fill until you are ready to go back to bed. I find myself in that position now and I have to gather my thoughts and think of some interesting things to write about so that I will fill my time usefully and not bore you in the process.
I think I have already bored Tyke, because he is wandering around the apartment restlessly looking for I not know what. Gandhi, on the other hand, is sound asleep in her new favorite spot in the guestroom on an old pillow on the bed. It is a perfect place for her and I guess that is why she was not lying on my hip tonight. I suppose she wants her solitude now.
I find I do real well drinking tall glasses of cold milk for quick energy. I bought one container of milk as an experiment to see if I would tolerate it and I do. The problem is, that now I have run out and I will have to go to the store to buy more this afternoon, thereby blowing my weekly grocery budget. No, that's not really true. I will still be under it because milk is cheaper than bottled water.
I had a small plate of an Indonesian rice dish for dinner and, although it tasted good, it upset my stomach and made me look forward all the more to the day when my gastric band will be emptied out some more. I know that is what the problem is and I can not wait for the moment when I will be able to sit down and eat a regular plate of food without running into problems.
My domestic help is on vacation and I will get a temporary help this morning for two hours. I am glad it is not more than that because I dislike having temporary help around for more time than that. They are usually students at the university and, although they are intelligent, they do not clean house well. The one from last week left the living room windows in worse shape than they were to begin with.
It is still 12 days until I get my new glasses. I am thinking in a totally different way about my eyes now which are starting to let me down. Hopefully it will be a slow process.
I am going back to be to finish sleeping. Tyke has settled down. We are ready to finish the night.


Maggie May said...

Hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday Monday, though if you are like me, you will not notice much difference from any other day except that most of the shops are shut.
We have sunshine at last! Hoping you have too.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Rob-bear said...

Sorry you weren't sleeping well. But I'm glad you put your "non-sleeping" time to good use, and told us a story of your life. And I trust you did get back to sleep.

Yesterday was not a good day here; I slept 13.5 hours, maybe more.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
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