Friday, May 03, 2013

Don't be a fool!

I bought a white coffee cup for myself with little red roses on it. I thought it was very feminine and I don't have another one like it. It matches the duvet covers that I sleep under every once in a while when I want to treat myself extra special. I want to drink my coffee from a special cup to make it a more worthy occasion and when I want to feel like a lady while I do it.
I got the coffee cup at the discount store where everything is so cheap and this cup was too. I was really there looking for carrier bags for my bike, but they only had 'Hello Kitty' ones. I sure as heck was not going to ride around with them. Besides, they were too small.
I went to four other stores to look for carrier bags, but did not find them, and I will have to go downtown. I do not want to go to the bike shop because they will be too expensive there. I know two department stores that may carry them.
I did buy other things at those four other stores and one of them was chocolate which I had not eaten in a while. I overdosed on a box of it and felt like I had gone to heaven. It was so absolutely delicious. It is a very good thing that I only very rarely eat it because I would gain a ton of weight on it if I had it around me all the time. This was really a treat to have only sometimes to keep it special.
I did find a container with treats for Tyke on sale that should last a while and Tyke was very happy with them when I came home. I cut some up for Gandhi too, but she was not interested in them at all. She is being a finicky eater right now, even though I switched to the pate that she liked so much before. She is having a feline attitude when it comes to food and will get over it.
I think the coffee cup is so cute and dainty that I will wash it out with the new dishwashing brush, that I also got, all the time. It really does make me feel special and who can treat me better than I can myself? I know best what I want, after all. It is too bad that this costs money. For that reason, I would rather receive it as a gift.  
Going to the discount store did make me realize that some household items are better bought there and the next time I need detergent and those kinds of things, I will have to go there. It makes quite a difference in price. Well, you do learn something new every day.

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Gail said...

It's always nice to find a bargain.

Double nice to find something that makes you feel special.