Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hunger is what drives me.

Before I get to eat dinner, several things have to happen first, and one of them is that the hands on the clock have to move around a few more times. So as you see, I should not get excited yet, but I am full of anticipation, because dinner is my favorite meal and I look forward to it all day. I try to not spoil my appetite ahead of time by eating anything in the afternoon, and when it is dinnertime, I am well and truly hungry. I do allow myself the odd glass of lemonade for a quick pick me up, but that hardly fills my stomach.
When I went grocery shopping last, I bought the 'light' variety of dried kibbles for Tyke, and he likes them better than the other variety I had and ate almost a whole bowl full of them. Who would have thought that, although I had hoped for it. The animals are full of surprises, because Gandhi is eating the kibbles for cats that have been standing around on the kitchen shelf for a couple of months. It was either feed them to her, or throw them out, and she likes them. The box wasn't sealed that well either.
In my search for a box to put my assorted, unfiled paperwork in, I ran across more envelopes with photos and several empty albums, so you can all guess how I spent my morning. I had a very good time picking out the photos that were the most meaningful to me and that I had not looked at in ages. I filled two and a half albums and I hope to run into more photos. I found many of my children and those are, of course, the most precious to me, but there is the time when they were teenagers that they were especially so. I treasure that time a lot and those photos also.
As of today, I have decided to only wear my glasses when I am sitting behind the computer, or when I am watching television, or when I am reading a book. I think they are already not good enough anymore, or maybe they never were. At any rate, I am too vain to wear them al the time and I like my face so much better without them. Now, I do have to remember to take them off and place them on my desk before I go out, but I will get used to that. I get a headache if I try to watch television without them, but the news-text is not as well defined as it should be.
Tyke has woken up from his afternoon nap on the bed and I have to take him for a walk. It is a cloudy and dreary day and I have the thermostat turned up. One day it will really be springtime.

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