Thursday, May 16, 2013

No matter how you turn it...

A pizza turns out to be fast food after all, no matter how well it is made and, although I liked my mozzarella one, some time after I ate it, I was hungry again. It must be because some important nutrients are missing that your body still needs and subconsciously tells you to start taking in. A pizza does not take the place of an evening meal anyway, and I can only see it as a snack food, but that was not my purpose when I ate it.
I have satisfied my craving and curiosity in eating it and will not be having another one for some time, unless I run into one accidentally and am offered it. It is really a shame to waste the calories and the room in your stomach on it, because I can think of many other foods that I would prefer to eat instead and that would not leave me longing for more. As a matter of fact, I think this took care of whatever curiosity I may have harbored for any fast food.
One thing I am happy to report, is that I am having my old reaction to caffeine again and that the cup of coffee I am having right now is working very much in my favor. It is most definitely giving me a mental kick in the rear end and that is what I was missing these past few days. It is so nice when a cup of coffee does what you expect it to, because it is the whole reason why you drink it. I had already made a pot of green tea with lemon earlier today, thinking caffeine maybe no longer played a role in my life.
All day long I have had a longing to take a book off the bookcase and start reading it, but then I remember the frustration in trying to distinguish the small print. I think this is really what the main problem is when it comes to my ability to and interest in reading novels. I am very much hoping that, after I have picked up my new glasses on Saturday, I will find a good novel to read and not put it down until I have finished it.
I think this problem of not being able to see well has stalked me for some time without me consciously being aware of it, except that I have felt some vague frustration in not being able to see as well as I could, but I thought the problem was due to my glasses. Having cataracts was the furthest thing from my mind.
It has been raining on and off all day and Tyke and I have been taking our walks in it. There is no sense in waiting for a break in it, because there hardly are any at the right time. It is not too cold outside, so we are not suffering too much.


Wisewebwoman said...

I know. I adore pizza but find it terribly unsatisfactory, it is like chinese food, you are hungry a couple of hours later.
I prefer something solid and lingering in the tums.


Naperville Now said...

do hope your new glasses make all the difference -- I would go crazy if I couldn't read a book. Well, crazier, at least.

Gail said...

I guess if we wait long enough all music becomes a classic.

Glad things are going well.