Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Did I make a mistake?

Because I was hardly getting any pleasant effects from the coffee I was drinking these last few days, the thought came up in me this afternoon that maybe I had accidentally bought decaffeinated coffee. I usually notice it immediately when I have had about half a cup by the way it feels like I have mentally had a kick in the rear end. I get very upbeat and it just wasn't happening.
I decided to look in the trash bag to see if I could find the empty package, and after a short search,  I did.  Much to my surprise it showed that I had bought regular caffeinated coffee, so that was not the problem. It must be that when you do not drink it on an empty stomach, the caffeine works differently on you and does not have so much of an impact.
My stomach, nowadays, is always full, and in a general sense, I am always upbeat. But I do miss that high I used to get when I made a fresh pot of coffee and drank that first cup, and now, I suppose, that is a thing of the past. However, when I have to weigh that against being able to eat just about anything, I do have to say that I like the present situation much better. I am steadier and more even tempered and that can only be a good thing.
This morning I discovered that I really did not have enough pasta for the amount of sauce I had left, so I decided to go grocery shopping. I also decided to go early, because it was threatening to rain, but as it was, I did get rained on a little bit on the way home, but when you have short hair, there is not much damage that can be done. My hair got a bit wet, but was dry again in the shortest amount of time.
I bought a lot of pasta and basic sauces and fresh vegetables, because I not only want to eat healthy, but also a lot. I will not put myself on any sort of a diet. I also got two loaves of very good bread from the 'warm baker' and I stocked up on cheese, because I eat that stuff like it is going out of style. I bought a freshly made mozzarella pizza, because I had promised myself that I would as a special treat and all I have to do, is stick it in the oven for a while.
The oven has not been used in five years and I have forgotten how to light it and hope I do not cause an explosion. I do know that I have to put a new light bulb in it, but I just happen to have one of those. It is an energy saving one, so it may be kind of dim, but it will be better than none at all. It is impossible to find the old kind of light bulb, and I only have one light fixture that still has one in it.
I have to go do the dishes now before I make a mess of the kitchen again, although it should not be too bad when all I am doing is heating up a pizza and cutting it up. Oh, I do not have a pizza cutter, but I do have a very sharp knife. That will have to do.  


Wisewebwoman said...

a long lost world has again opened up for you, delghted....

Gail said...

How wonderful...using the oven just opens all kinds of opportunities.