Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That is more than enough...

I am afraid that if I keep talking about the fact that I can now eat all sorts of food, I am going to turn into an awfully boring blogger, so I best put an end to that and not keep rehashing that subject. I will turn my back on it and, for a while anyway, not discuss it again. I am sure there are other things to write about, although to tell you the truth, I may find it to be a bit of a problem. It is not so that I lead an real exciting life with all sorts of adventures in it. I have to search very far and wide to find something else to write about that will keep your interest.
When I was in Texas visiting my daughter over the holidays, I bought a big stuffed animal for Tyke in the shape of an English bulldog. It was a success right away and the first thing he did with it was chew on it with a dazed look of happiness in his eyes. In the meantime, about a dozen holes have appeared in it and Tyke has pulled out lots of the stuffing, which I regularly gather and throw away in the trash.
Sometimes, for a while, he forgets all about his stuffed dog and concentrates himself on his rawhide bones instead, but then, with renewed fervor, he will apply himself to the dog again and shake it all about as if he is trying to kill it. Yesterday he had an especially good day and pulled out lots of the stuffing, but the dog is not nearly empty yet, and we have a while to go before it will be.
This stuffed animal has been worth spending the money on for all the pleasure that Tyke is getting out of it. I knew he would demolish it when I bought it for him, the question was just how long it would last. Gandhi liked it a lot at first too and would sleep on top of it when Tyke was not busy with it and when it was not so lumpy. She has lost interest in it now and has found other more interesting places to sleep.
There is seldom a dull moment when you have animals, and when they are not busy destroying stuffed animals, they are as docile as lambs and sit on your lap to be petted and cuddled and meditate with you. We do have many moments in the day like that. Having an animal on your lap is always a good excuse to stay in your chair for a time out. It does wonders for your own peace of mind too.

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