Monday, May 27, 2013

Trying to put a lid on it.

I am never as talkative as I am during the night, especially when I have had a cup of coffee, and tonight is no exception. The urge to write a blog post knows no bounds, but I hope I can pull it off and make some sense of it. I will try not to trip over my own words.
That makes it sound like an avalanche of words and sentences is going to come out now, but that's not quite the case either. I am actually hesitating what to write about. It's not as if majorly exciting things have happened over the last 24 hours that I can now amuse you with. My life is not quite as interesting as all that.
I bought two bottles of orange flavored soft drink when I went to the supermarket yesterday afternoon, which is something I very seldom do. I opened one bottle last night and watched television while I drank three tall glasses of it. I have to tell you that I enjoyed that very much and stayed up past my bedtime because of it.
It was like I was having a small party all by myself and the carbonated taste of it made me happy. It made me think of my childhood when I used to drink that exact same brand, except that I was limited then in how many glasses I was allowed to drink of it. That is one of the perks of growing older: you can have as much soft drink as you want. There is no mother hovering over you telling you to share the bottle with your sisters and make it last all weekend.
I did the rest of the grocery shopping too and managed to stay under the budget while not skimping on what I had to get. I even bought fake bacon cubes to have with beans and fried potatoes, which just made me realize that I forgot to get the applesauce to go with it. Oh well, I am not going back to the store just to get applesauce. I will have to do without, or I can ask the Exfactor to buy a jar when he is out foraging for food and bring it with him when he comes over next.
I am feeling quite carefree right now, but that is because it is the middle of the night and I don't have to worry about anything yet. It is an attitude I would like to have always, but of course it would be a bit irresponsible. I do have to concern myself with reality up to some point.


Gail said...

We should all have our pleasurable moments. Enjoy the orange drink and tomorrow you can worry.

Maggie May said...

Lovely to think we are only answerable to ourselves as to what we eat or drink!
I have heard that staring at screens at night makes our time clocks think that it is daylight. All to do with the light and the eyes apparently.
I try not to do computer work in the evening. Wish I knew how to go back to sleep at 4 am though!
It is sunny but getting cooler here.
Hope you have a lovely day.
Maggie x

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