Friday, May 31, 2013


I am pretty sure that I am allergic to plain old cow's milk. I don't drink it very often anymore, but when I do, I immediately get a stomachache and the eczema on my head starts itching badly. I also get congested. I think it is because I drink it less often now, that the reaction is stronger and more noticeable. I must have subconsciously suspected this, because I have made the last supply of milk last for an awful long time. I have not had one tall glass after another the way I used to drink it in the past. At least I have become wiser about another aspect of my diet. I will now only use milk to cook with.
Luckily, to quench my thirst, there are the tall glasses of ice cold lemonade and, not to forget, the orange flavored soft drink. I am perfectly satisfied with them and they cost about the same as milk does. And, of course, I will not give up eating vanilla custard, because I don't think it gives me the same problems as milk does. I will have to pay attention to that the next time I eat it. It may turn out that I will only be able to eat goat's milk yogurt. Not that it is such a terrible thing, because I eat it gladly.
I can't believe that it is Friday again already and I must say that the week has flown by. I haven't done anything important with it, except get through it as well as possible, although that wasn't all that difficult either. I have watched tennis on television since right now the Roland Garros tournament is taking place, but the Dutch players are not doing well at all. I don't have to watch it for their sake. I do enjoy watching the really good players a lot, but it is a shame that the games are interrupted by rain. It is said that in five years time, the main court will be covered by a roof and we are all in anticipation of that.
I suppose I will go back to bed and sleep for a few more hours. Sensible people do that and I like to be counted among them. At least it is that time that I can take my morning dose of medicines already, so I will wake up next in a good mood.

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Maggie May said...

Lots of people are allergic to cow's milk so it wouldn't be unusual. My grandson has been drinking soya milk for years and years.
Maggie x

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