Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy little things...

I am happy to report that I can take real creamer in my coffee again and that it tastes good and does not upset my stomach at all. I had it in the refrigerator for the Exfactor, and today decided to give it a try and it was a success, and I do have to say that I like the taste of my coffee this way. It goes down it bit smoother and it feels like I am getting away with something real evil. That must be because I was forced to drink it black for such a long time. This is a far superior experience and I may end up liking coffee even more than I already did.

The other thing that has happened is, that by eating such different and varied food, my metabolism has speeded up and my whole system is working just fine, thank you very much! There is a lot of truth in eating on time and sensibly, which I had not been able to do for such a long time. Now, I no longer have to ignore the pangs of hunger, or feed my stomach mushy foods, and I can eat all sorts of healthy and nutritious things.

Last night I had fusilli pasta with a mushroom ragout and Italian vegetables. I have enough left over that I am going to have it again tonight and I am looking forward to it. When something tastes very good, I do not mind eating it two nights in a row.

I also have in my possession a magazine with lots of vegetarian recipes and I have already found several that I want to try. Some of them I am going to adapt to my taste and others reminded me of food I used to eat when I was young, and I can fix those dishes that my mother used to make, but instead of meat I can use meat replacements that also taste very good nowadays. I did look through the magazine after I had done the grocery shopping, so whatever new food I am going to try is going to have to wait until the next trip to the supermarket.
I just made Tyke very happy, because I gave him the contents of the one can of dog food that I had left over and that I was saving for an emergency. I was hoping that he was really going to like his dried kibbles, but I think he would rather starve than eat them. He is now very contentedly lying in my armchair, sound asleep and snoring very gently. I think having a full stomach did that to him. As soon as it stops raining, we will go out for a walk, but right now it does not look like he is ready to go anywhere. Frankly, it does not look like it will stop raining soon either.


Wisewebwoman said...

Dullish day here too but Ansa and I will toddle out later after I get work done. :)

Enjoy your day and meal planning..:)


Maggie May said...

All this talk of food makes me feel very hungry!

It has been fairly sunny here most of the day but raining now.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Gail said...

Sometimes it's the simple pleasures that make life so wonderful.