Monday, May 06, 2013

That's another good trick I did...

This morning, while carrying those two heavy boxes of books to the sidewalk, I put my back out and have been in trouble ever since. There is not one position I am comfortable in and moving around is quite an effort. In the end, I went back to bed, because I have a good hard mattress, but I fell asleep and woke up two hours later with an equally sore back.
I called the Exfactor and asked him to go to the store to buy the milk for me that I had planned to get, and to also walk Tyke. He was more than willing and able to do that, so for now that is taken care of. I called the doctor's office thinking they would fax a prescription for something to the pharmacy, but I have to come in tomorrow morning instead if I can manage to walk that short distance.
Who knows? Maybe I will be cured by tomorrow. It would certainly be nice. If I sit upright in a straight hard chair, I am the most comfortable, but then I can not move a muscle or I am in trouble. Sometimes, when I move around the apartment, I make a wrong move and utter sounds of pain and anguish. The doctor's assistant said that I had to keep moving or I will freeze up, so I do try to do that carefully.
I just got up to get a cup of coffee and yelled "Ouch" all the way to the coffeemaker and bit my tongue on the way back. I have to again find the most comfortable way to sit and I have to say that this is seriously cramping my style. And, of course, today of all days when the weather is beautiful out and when it would have been lovely to go for walks with Tyke.
Tyke is lying on the dining table in the sunshine and that really is the best place in the living room right now. I have pulled up the blinds as high as they will go so as much sunshine as possible can come in. It is still fairly cool in here and I want it to warm up a few degrees. I had the windows open earlier, but that created a cool draft and I had to put on my socks because my feet got cold. I now only have the back door open so Tyke can walk in and out whenever he wants.
It is too bad that physical therapy is not in my basic medical insurance package because I am sure I would benefit from it. Next year I will make sure that is included in the new insurance I get. Some good manual therapy would do me a world of good, I am sure. Even a massage would do wonders.
I have to eat now. My stomach is hollow and growling. A glass of milk does not fill it enough. I will have some more of that Indonesian rice dish and hope that my eyes are not bigger than my stomach.


Anonymous said...

A back is such an easy thing to hurt! I've often had back pain like yours, but at least you know what you did to hurt yourself. A few times I simply woke up in the morning and I couldn't move without pain - was it the way I slept? Who knows? Take it easy and I hope you can get to your doctor tomorrow and you get a good prescription muscle relaxant. The over-the-counter ones don't work well at all, in my experience.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, yuck! I have had a lot of back problems. I have gone to a chiropractor to get things re-alligned. Or I lie down on my back, with a ball supporting my spine. Then I slowly move up and down, letting the ball massage my spine, as it moves from top to bottom. Sometimes this is helpful!

I hope you are soon over whatever is hurting you!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Maggie May said...

I'm also suffering because I've done a lot of Spring Cleaning lately and gardening & my back hates that. Lets hope it all settles down soon....... yours too.
Maggie x

Nuts in May