Saturday, May 18, 2013

On a day like today...

I am wearing my new glasses and have worn them for a long enough time now to have gotten used to them. When I first put them on, my eyes had to adjust to the strength and it felt like they were maybe all wrong, and it felt funny looking at my surroundings when I rode my bike home from the optometrist. Now that it is a couple of hours later, and I am sitting here behind the computer, I realize how much better I can see and that is such a relief. I am at some distance from the screen and can see the words and letters easily without any effort.
These glasses have a bigger frame than my old ones and show my eyes more, and because of that, I have put on mascara and I think I look a bit better with it on. Yes, I have capitulated and am wearing make up. It is a small concession that I made for vanity's sake. I immediately had a very nice man with a dog talk to me when I walked Tyke this afternoon. I'm sure the fact that I was wearing such nice glasses and mascara were the reason. I normally do not get involved in such long conversations with strangers. I hope I see him again.
I think I will let my hair grow a little longer and only have it cut around my ears and in my neck the next time I go to the hairdresser. It is getting a little thin in some places and I think the person who cut it had not taken that into account. If my hair is not squeaky clean, the thin places do show up quickly. I also think it will look better longer with these new glasses, but you do not know these things ahead of time. All you can do is try things out and then patiently wait for them to correct themselves. In another 5 weeks, I will look fine, but I do wish for a full head of hair.  
I am hungry for dinner, but it is not time to eat yet. It is too late to eat a snack and I do not want to spoil my appetite. I also do not want to take in too many calories, because I am gaining weight and there is a limit to how much weight I want to gain. I think I will have a glass of lemonade and pretend it is food. The sugar in it will give me a quick pick me up anyway and the coldness of the ice cubes will shock my system into a whole new kind of awareness. Isn't it nice how I can rationalize any kind of a choice I make? I could just as easily opted to have a glass of ice cold milk and given you a reason why that would have been a good choice.
It has actually not rained all day long, after it did so all day yesterday, and tomorrow is going to be a fairly nice day with some sunshine and warmer temperatures. It does not feel like springtime very much yet, but maybe it will for a while tomorrow.

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