Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Instead of worrying...

I am having one of those restless nights again and this is the second time that I am up. I am feeling a lot of anxiety and I know it is because I am worried about my financial situation. I have not been able to make ends meet every month and things are only becoming more dire. It is the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep. It is to the point now, that I really can not afford to go grocery shopping.
I made myself a small pot of coffee and am hoping that it will cheer me up a bit, because, as a rule, caffeine makes me feel better. I know worrying does not help, but coming up with solutions does, and that is what I am going to have to do. I have already found a supermarket that is farther away from here, but that is cheaper than the one I go to now. I hope to save some money that way.
I am going to have to stop eating cheese, because it is making me retain water and making my hands and feet swell up. It will be a good thing, because I am addicted to cheese and have a tendency to eat too much of it. There will be enough alternatives of things to put on my toast instead, such as honey and jam. I think cheese also makes my eczema worse, so that is an extra incentive to stop eating it. I would be silly not to and it will save on the grocery bill.
Thank goodness that I have a natural streak of optimism that does not let me down in the end and that, for a little while anyway, allows me not to worry when nothing can be done about it. I have to let my rational mind prevail at all times and keep my common sense intact.
Yesterday was still a holiday, but today the week starts again like any other. I am a bit glad about that, because I do like things to get back to normal and we have had a lot of holidays lately. My personal helper will be here in the morning and in the afternoon a domestic help should be here. Somewhere in between, I will try to go to the store or I may even be able to postpone that for a day.


Gail said...

It will all work out. Worry does nothing to change it. Hang in there, the solution will come.

Maggie May said...

Can you divide your money up and only spend the allotted amount each day/week whatever way you do it.

As Gail said...... worrying will not make the problem disappear, though you have to be a saint not to worry in the heart of the night. I do just that and it changes nothing.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

Easy to say "not to worry" but we are human. so sorry to hear of your struggle, I liked what Maggie had to say.
Do you record all of your expenses on paper? I do. And it really helps me to budget.