Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A most amazing thing.

It is most amazing what eating well and having a full stomach do to your overall mood. I normally have a tendency to be upbeat and optimistic, but since I am eating so much better, my mood has improved enormously too and I thought it could not get much better. Well, I was wrong, it seems I was just living on the outer edges of feeling well.
Now that I am less hungry all the time, I think I was having much trouble with low blood sugar very often and that this impaired my happiness lots of times. Before I would ignore my feelings of hunger and try to cover them up by drinking coffee, but I do much less of that now, and when I feel hungry, I eat until I am full again. It's so nice to prepare food and know that you are going to eat all of it.
I have food left to fix dinner for two more days and then I will have to go to the store. Actually, I can not wait to go, because I have been thinking about what I will buy and letting my imagination run wild, at least bigger than the contents of my wallet. I will seriously have to keep tight reins on myself when I walk through the store and not fill the shopping cart to overflowing. Besides, I would not be able to bring that much food home on my bike, so I am restricted somewhat.
I am going to eat Indonesian noodles tonight and I will be adding extra fresh vegetables to them to make the meal more special and filling. I do want dinner to be an occasion that I can look forward to and really enjoy. I do not want just any sort of meal. I will try to jazz up anything I fix for dinner and I have to put my mind to what extra sort of vegetables I want to buy to add when I cook. Onions and garlic are always good, but there have to be some others too. I am thinking red and green peppers and leeks.
My whole life long I have had a good appetite and enjoyed food and food and I have always had a good relationship until everything went pear shaped. I am glad that I am picking up the good relationship where I left off and am back to normal again. Before you know it, I will be the kitchen princess that I once was and fixing all sorts of interesting dishes. I do know that I look forward very much to eating fresh vegetables, because I have been unable to so far, except for in soups.
Much to my disgust, it has started to rain and I wanted to take Tyke for a walk in a while. Hopefully it will stop soon, because I want to fix dinner after I walk him. Maybe there will be no other choice but to go out in the rain and dry Tyke off with a big towel when we get home. He does enjoy that.

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