Saturday, May 04, 2013

Because it is Saturday, after all.

I am going to have to go grocery shopping today because I am almost out of ground coffee and that is a situation that I can absolutely not live with. Running out of it would just about be the worst thing that could happen. Can you imagine me having to do without caffeine? It would be like having to do without air to breathe. Drinking tea is no solution because that leaves me slumped in my chair absolutely good for nothing. I must make sure I buy two packages of it too so I do not run out halfway through the week.
I really do not mind having to go to the store because as a rule I enjoy going shopping. I do have my standard shopping list that I do not deviate from too much so it is an easy job. Today I have to find an interesting bag of kibbles for Tyke and that is going to be a bit of a challenge because how do I pick the right one? As a rule, he likes the first bowl of anything, but after that he may turn up his nose at what I got him. It will just come down to me being more stubborn than him and not giving him anything else while there are still kibbles in his bowl.
My cute coffee cup with the roses turned out to be pretty, but not such a good buy. It does not keep my coffee hot at all and in the shortest amount of time, I am drinking cold coffee. So, it is only good to look at and proves the point that beauty is skin deep. I will keep this cup for special occasions and return to using my original glass one. If there is one thing I do not like, it is cold coffee. As it is, I constantly have to top off the coffee I am having with more hot coffee and drink it as quickly as I can.
I am all over my craving for chocolate because I think I really and truly overdosed on it. I had chocolate coming out of my ears. I do not think I could eat another one if you offered it to me. I should be good for the next six months or so. It was strictly an impulse buy anyway and not very well thought about. I did not even realize I craved chocolate until I saw it on the shelf in the store. Normally I completely ignore it and walk right past it. As a rule, there is no temptation in it for me at all when I see it sitting on the supermarket shelves.
I made an appointment to get a haircut for next week. My hair has not gotten that long, but it will have been seven weeks since I had it cut last and I do want to get the original shape into it again. I have a funny part on the side of my head that keeps wanting to stick up very stubbornly and something needs to be done about it. I also think that I am using the wrong shampoo that gives my hair too much volume and will have to get a different one today. This one makes my hair static.
It is all very good and well to sit here and carry on writing about absolutely nothing important, but I have to think about going back to bed. Tyke has finally settled down again after having been out back twice for no good reason at all. He is so restless unless I let him out there.
Today is Remembrance of the Dead Day. The next day will be Liberation Day when we will party.

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