Saturday, May 25, 2013

Patience is a virtue.

I have changed the bed and put on my favorite duvet cover; the one that is dark blue and says 'sweet dreams' all over the top of it. I always feel that I will dream better when I have that one to sleep under. The subsequent laundry is nearly done churning in the washing machine, and I will be hanging it up to dry in just a little while. That is one of my favorite jobs, because of the nice smell of it.
I think Tyke has forgotten that we are supposed to go for a walk now. He is sound asleep in my armchair and does not seem about to wake up. This morning, after his first walk, he was not interested in eating his food, and it took him until later in the morning before he finished it. Maybe that is why he is off his schedule now. I will just let him sleep until he wakes up on his own.
I have decided to go grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon, because there are a few items that I am almost out of. I will not be able to go on Monday, because that's when my personal helper and my domestic help will be here. I am glad they are coming, but it does take up the better part of the day and I can't plan much of anything else. At least we get it over and done with right at the beginning of the week.
I have not done yesterday's dishes yet and that will be the job I tackle after I have walked Tyke. There aren't that many of them and I will be done in no time. It's not a job I really dislike doing, but I do have to mentally prepare myself for it and choose the right moment. First I rinse and stack them and think about them for a while. I do dry them off and put them in the cupboards right away after they have been done. I do so love a clean and empty kitchen counter.
There is a weed growing outside the living room window that has yellow flowers. I am torn between pulling it out and letting it grow because of its cheerful color. I really think any flower has a right to grow, even if it is a weed, so I will probably leave it there. I am sure the maintenance people will come along soon enough and cut it down. And that reminds me that there are lots of buttercups growing in the fields, and also purple clover. Those are also a cheerful sight to see.
I will go hang up the laundry now and see if that action will wake up Tyke. He is usually curious enough to want to come watch me when I do something in another room of the apartment. Oh yes, when I searched through all my hair products earlier, I found the perfect stuff to rub in my hair and make it stand up a bit to make it look fuller. I now look a bit punkie.

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