Thursday, May 23, 2013

A day off...

I have decided to take the day off from all my worries and to only think about pleasant things that make me feel good. I think I really do have an on and off button in my brain that allows me to do this. I did not start out feeling that way this morning when I got up, but after I had a few cups of coffee, I found the wherewithal to make the decision. I am very determined now and it would take a lot to have me change my mind. I will act like I am on vacation and like my mind is on a tropical beach in the warm sunshine.
There, that is all settled then and I can relax. In a little while I will have a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of ice cold milk, and then I will walk Tyke before it decides to rain again. It did all night long and earlier this morning, but there is a momentary break now. That is not to say that Tyke minds the rain, because he does not. His favorite thing to do, is to walk through puddles, no matter how large and deep they are. He likes to drink from them as he does so.
Gandhi accidentally had the crazy half hour this morning and played with everything that came upon her way. They happened to be Tyke's toys and Tyke was a bit astonished by this. Gandhi pounced on them as if they were prey and batted them through the living room. She very seldom acts this way and I don't know what came over her all of the sudden. Maybe it is the shortage of mice outside that made her behave like this. It was a very funny sight and I hope she does it again soon.
The outside of the windows very badly needs to be washed, but because it is almost constantly raining, it would be a futile exercise. I am a bit embarrassed by the state of them, but I assume that everybody's windows look like that. Well, maybe not those of obsessive housewives, of which I am not one. The armchair that I usually sit in, is placed so that I don't have to look at the windows, so that way I can forget about them, but when I sit behind the computer, I see them all the time.
Oh yes, I forgot. I am only supposed to think of pleasant things. I think I will take a nap this afternoon, because I had a most complicated night with the most interesting dreams, and I woke myself up several times because I was talking out loud. Epic movies, those dreams are. They tell whole intricate stories and I wish I could watch them again the next day. It's too bad that we haven't figured out how to record them yet.


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes my windows have - ahem - character.

Gail said...

My windows are art by Mother Nature.