Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photos and photo albums...

I felt awful when I got up this morning. My throat hurt and my glands were sore and I was stuffed up and coughing. I was seriously worried that I was getting sick and made up my mind to talk myself out of it. I took my medicines and some paracetamol and had a few cups of coffee, after which I took Tyke for a walk and when we got back home, I felt a lot better, although my glands still hurt. I think I probably am bothered by allergies and that problem should be sorted out soon, because it's going to rain this evening and tomorrow too. All the pollen will be washed out of the air.
I decided to spend some time pleasantly and I sorted through the photos that were stored in a big box in the dresser drawer in the living room. I found a lot of my daughter and her son when he was about 18 months old and such an adorable little kid. I found an album that I could put them in and had a lot of fun doing that.
I also found a lot of black and white photos of my father when he was serving with the engineers in the Dutch East Indies during the war there. He looks very handsome in his uniform and I added those photos to an album that I had already started filling with old black and white photos of my mother. The album is full now and I put it with the other ones on the bookcase.
I also found some other smaller albums that I had completely forgotten the existence of and looked through them. I found a wonderful photo of my son and put that in a frame that is sitting on my desk now, so I can look at him all the time. I put the smaller albums on the bookcase too. Little by little, I am able to look at all the photos and can be confronted with the memories and not have them hurt me. It was a long journey until I got to that point.  
The Exfactor has brought by the ibuprofen and the applesauce and the ibuprofen is working very well. I haven't tasted the applesauce yet, but I will for dinner this evening. The Exfactor also fixed the latch on the gate, which is really a job I could have done myself, but I like to ask him to do jobs for me, because I think it is good for his self esteem. They are my tools, but his muscles. Sometimes you have to act a little more helpless than you really are.

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VioletSky said...

I am pleased that you have been able to sort through your photos and have put some on display.
My family never had photos out on a mantel - partly because we never had a mantel - but I always liked to see the family of my friends out on parade