Monday, May 20, 2013

A decision.

I think I have decided to very leisurely take the day off and to only do the chores that absolutely need to be done. I am not going to go over and beyond the call of duty and I am not going grocery shopping, although I did toy with the idea for a while. There is enough food left for me to eat, and if the animals do not protest too much, there is enough for them also. And, of course, today is a holiday and I should take advantage of that, even though the supermarket is open. Today I think I will have a little vacation.
Having given myself that permission, I can now relax and do as I choose, well up to a point. I will not throw all my responsibilities overboard. I am not quite that careless. I do feel that I can plan my day very loosely, and do what needs to be done whenever the fancy strikes me. It is supposed to rain today, although it has not started yet. The sky is overcast and it does not bode well, but I have already been out to walk Tyke. That is one responsibility that I got taken care of. I will have to take him out more often than that, of course, so I am not off the hook yet.
I have already changed the sheets to my bed and very optimistically put the summer ones on that are such a cheerful color. I still have the four season duvet on the bed and it will be a while before I change that because it is not quite warm enough to. I am actually not that optimistic about summer and it may turn out like last year when we had a cool one with a lot of rain. That is really not all that awful, because it is better than having heat waves, which can feel tropical here because of the humidity.
My American ex is going to be here on the 12th of June and will be staying for a month. I have arranged for him to have a bike while he is here, so that he will be able to get around. At least we will be able to go grocery shopping together. I will make sure that he gets some shopping bags too, because I am sure we will need more food while he is here. He likes to make those big American sandwiches and he has quite an appetite for dinner too. No doubt he will want me to make macaroni-shrimp salad, which is his favorite.
I have managed to have a couple of cups of coffee, but I did not get the kick out of them that I used to get. I ate earlier during the night when I woke up and could not immediately go back to sleep. I think I am now ready to eat again. I just took a loaf of bread out of the freezer and will have toast with cheese. I also think that I will go back to bed for a while and get some more sleep. I think I did not get enough during the night. Is that not the best thing to do on a leisurely day?

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