Wednesday, May 01, 2013

That's something new altogether...

It is a lovely time to sit here and write a blog post because the sun is still shining into the living room and it is pleasantly warm here for the first time of the day. The weather is starting to look up and I think that springtime really is on its way now. The best feeling in the world after a long winter, is to feel the sun shine on your skin, although I like it less so in my face, which it is about to now. I do not want to have to sit here with my sunglasses on.
Tyke thinks he wants more food, but he has had more than enough. He is trying all sorts of ways to weasel it out of me, and I would almost fall for it, but someone called him 'Fatty' today and I think that says about all. When it comes to accepting the amount of food that is eaten, Gandhi is much easier to deal with. Maybe I should also get dried kibbles for Tyke so that he will have something to take care of his enormous appetite between meals. I will get the diet kind.
I saw the ophthalmologist this morning and all the eye tests were done again and good measurements were taken. Then the insides of my eyes were looked at after I had drops put into them and cataracts were found. They are not bad enough yet that I need surgery and for now I just need stronger glasses and will a few more times in the future. When I can not read the text on television with my glasses on anymore, I need to come back and have the surgery done.
The ophthalmologist gave me a prescription for the optometrist and I saw him this afternoon. He still had the frame for the glasses that I had picked out the last time I was there. He had been kind enough to save it for me. I was done there quickly and paid for the new ones that will not be ready until 17 days from now, which means that I will not see so well for all that time with the glasses I have now. My eyes have really gotten worse and it is becoming a frustrating fact.  
My sister Marianne had cataracts and hers were so bad that she really needed surgery, but, of course, she never got around to that. My niece, who is in her early forties, has been complaining about her eyes also and I have been telling her to go to the optometrist and have her eyes checked. Like my sister, who was her mother, she is very bad about taking good care of herself. If I lived where she does, I would physically force her to go to doctor's and eye appointments.
I have to walk Tyke before the sun sets.

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Maggie May said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the cataracts. However, sounds like they are very slow growing. I know a few people like that who have to wait and some who have had very successful operations. Maggie x

Nuts in May