Sunday, May 19, 2013

When a point has been made...

Since I am eating solid meals, I have to eat regularly because my body tells me, except that I am not that good yet at interpreting the signals and mistake them for tiredness and sleepiness, which I try to fix by drinking cups of coffee. I found out that those do not work at getting my energy back and that I really need to eat a meal and not even just drink a glass of lemonade. I certainly learned my lesson this morning when I struggled mightily with this whole concept.
I must get low blood sugar that I have such a hard time with it and from now on have to make sure that I eat on time. It does not matter what time it says it is on the clock, I can not let myself be led by that kind of small detail. When I am almost comatose, I need to eat a meal. Luckily, toast with cheese is easily fixed and I can always eat extra if it turns out to be necessary. All I have to do is wait for the first helping to do its job, and if it does not, have a second helping. I have to learn this funny business about food all over again.
Now I am to the point where caffeine only cheers me up when I have a full stomach and my metabolism is working normally. If I am floundering, there is no amount of coffee that is going to make me feel better and I may as well not brew a pot. It certainly is an interesting development when you consider that it practically kept me alive before. Things really have changed.
I am listening to Radio Clara, which is a Belgian classical radio station. I do not care for all of the music I am hearing, but then again, I do not get to choose it and I have to accept whatever I get. I was inspired to listen to it because there was a very interesting conductor being interviewed on television this morning who spoke with passion about Beethoven. He not only did so with his voice, but with his face and his hands and his whole body as well. This got me longing for classical music, which I have not listened to for a while.
Apparently Gershwin counts as a classical composer as well, because I am listening to a piece by him now. It sounds kind of frivolous to me, but who am I to say. I just want some Beethoven, but I suppose I can look through my own collection of music. I have not done that in a while either and have forgotten what I own.
It is a beautiful day today and the sun has been out since dawn. There is hardly a cloud in the sky, but we have been promised some rain this evening and more of that tomorrow, unfortunately. I have to go walk Tyke again and it will be a pleasure. There is nothing as healing and kind as sunlight.


Maggie May said...

There is a healing in music and in sunshine and in walking.
Hoping that the lovely weather will last.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Rob-bear said...

You? Low blood sugar? I doubt that someone as sweet as you would have that problem.

Gershwin as classical? Have we aged a century or two, or something? Je pense que NON! Bach, Handel, Beethoven, and others, Yes. But Gershwin? Summertime? Porgy and Bess? Rhapsody in Blue? etc. I don't know how we could turn them into true classics. But maybe I'm just being a music snob.

Sunny but cool in the land of the Bear this afternoon. That is dandy.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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