Thursday, May 09, 2013

Just because...

I can not say that I am wide awake and chipper, even though I have had two cups of coffee. It is because I am awake at an unusual time. Tyke woke me up by whining pitifully in my ear, but I never found out what exactly he did want from me, because nothing seemed to satisfy him at all. There must be some need he has that I am overlooking and I keep guessing wrong. We are obviously miscommunicating, but I hope there will come a moment when I will guess right.
It is all very good and well to sit here drinking coffee, but now I am hungry too and I know it is not a good idea to eat late at night, because it will upset my stomach when I go back to bed. I think some toast with cheese would be lovely, though, and I think that is just what I will have. I will have to stay up for a while longer so it will have some time to settle in my stomach well.
Having taken care of that craving, I can now concentrate on writing this post, although what is to become of it, I have no idea. I thought I was full of good ideas and intentions, but they seem to have flown the coop. Maybe if I have another cup of coffee, I will be uplifted and inspired. Caffeine has been known to do that to me. Besides, it will help to wash down the toast with cheese that is bothering me slightly. I can never have even the slightest amount of food without paying a price for it.
There, I feel ever so much better now that my food has made it all the way down to my stomach. I feel positively happy and my whole mood has improved. That is definitely a trick I have to remember the next time I am feeling uncomfortable after I eat.
It keeps raining hard outside. Every once in a while it eases up, but then it starts all over again. It is a very good time of the night to be inside. I do not know if we are supposed to be happy with the rain. It all depends on what the farmers want and need and if nature is thirsty. I think what is going to fall this week will be more than enough and it is going to get cooler too. I really do not mind. It is not that important to me personally.
I will have to go back to bed because I am very sleepy. I still have not figured out what Tyke wanted, but I will let him out back just to make sure.  

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Rob-bear said...

Perhaps poor Tyke is perturbed by the change of seasons. Maybe it's the rain. Sorry, I cannot offer better suggestions.

Today has been a not-bad sort of say on this side of "the pond," as the British are wont to say. I accomplished quite a bit, including finally getting caught up from the A-Z Challenge.

It's shortly after 9:00 p.m. (which I suspect is around 5:00 a.m. at your place). I hope you all sleep well, and have a wonderful Thursday,

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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