Sunday, October 25, 2009

On a lazy morning.

Well, after I wrote my very interesting last post about going in search of Blogger templates, I did just that and found several websites that had free templates that you could install, but it all turned out to be a popcorn fart and in the end, I almost lost my complete blog and had to do some tricky things to get it back and then go to the original templates that Blogger offers themselves and customize one of them and what you see is the result. At least it's a change and it's something different for a while until I change my mind again, and I don't want to hear any complaints about it. You'll just have to adapt to the change along with me and humor me in my fickleness. I am, after all, a woman who is allowed to change her mind repeatedly. I thrive on change when it comes to my blog. Not in real life, I like everything the same there, very predictable, but in my blog I allow myself to make changes.

The clocks did get turned back one hour, because my radio controlled alarm clock woke me at 7 am this morning, when the other clocks and my watch said it was 8 am. So, I guess all of Europe has turned the clocks back this weekend. At least western Europe has, most likely.

I was immediately wide awake when the alarm clock went off. I jumped out of bed and sped into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. It was as if I was a woman with a mission. The only one I have right now is to go walk the dog who just ate his breakfast, so I better go do that right away...

It is 10 degrees and cloudy and windy outside (50 degrees F.). Real Autumn weather. The leaves are changing rapidly and covering all the sidewalks and parking spaces. Soon enough the trees will be bare and we will all be longing for spring instead of winter. That will be that awful cold season that we have to get through and I sure hope that Mother Nature will be kind to us and make it a mild winter and not one in which I am going to freeze my buns off with snow and ice. I'll never forget trying to ride my bike in the snow and slipping all over the place as I got caught in tracks made by car tires that had made icy spots. It was no fun whatsoever. Especially if you're not so young and agile any longer.

Thank goodness for warm leggings that you can wear underneath your skirt and look decent in. They are keeping me warm. And so are the scarves that I'm continually wearing. They've taken the place of the necklaces I normally wear and are keeping me nice and warm.

I am fortunate enough to have one pair of boots that I've had for ages and I'm wearing those now. They were expensive and I bought them when I still lived in California. They are in good shape and I guess it means that it pays off to invest some money in a good pair of boots and not buy the cheaper kind. I have to go look around in some shoe stores to get an idea of the price of boots and I'm purposely not going to look in the cheap stores. I have to buy real leather boots with good soles and solid heels. Not high ones either. I will just start walking funky if I get those. I'm not going to bother to take the other boots to the shoemaker. I think they are not worth it and within the shortest amount of time I will have the same problem again. They are not real leather and weren't very expensive, so it will probably cost more than I paid for them to repair them. I suppose you could say that in the end they weren't a very good buy. That teaches me a lesson about going for the cheap article. It doesn't always work out well.

Is there anything more delicious that a freshly made cup of coffee? I just made one after putting it off for 45 minutes, because I was to busy doing other things, but it sure tastes great. I do love the flavor of coffee. I don't remember when I started drinking it, but in my memory it seems like it has been forever. Those cookies that were so hard to eat that the café on the square served, are biscotti and you are supposed to dunk those in your coffee to make them edible. If you try to eat them without doing that, you'll break a tooth. I dunked my biscotti in my cappuccino on Friday and it worked well. Within seconds I had a soft cookie to eat. If I had waited any longer, it would have fallen apart in my cup. I heard about this from someone else when I complained about the hard cookie I was served.

I just googled Italian cookies and came upon all sorts and they sure made me hungry for some. They have some cookies that look like the kind we have over here too and I'm sure they are very similar in taste. The Netherlands is the land of cookies as well and you can buy many kinds in the store. My favorites are the kinds that are made with real butter and almonds and dark chocolate, not necessarily in that combination. Another thing we are big in is candy and a town of any size has at least one candy store where there are bins of candy with scoops so that you can fill your bag yourself and have it weighed at the counter. And then there are always the bonbon shops where you can pick out handmade bonbons per piece and have them put in an attractive box. Secretly, that is my favorite shop. If you're ever a guest at my house, don't bring me flowers, bring me bonbons. I'll eat them all myself, no sharing!

I'm dubious about cleaning house today. It really is a day off, since it's Sunday, and I should take advantage of that and read blogs and my books. I'm almost done with The God Squad and I will get the chance to finish the other book I already started. The one about the reading group. I must finish it before I go on to the next one, so I do have a mission to accomplish. No doubt I'll take a nap, because I didn't sleep long enough last night. I think I will make this a day of rest and relaxation. The first thing I'm going to do now is eat, because I'm hungry after talking about all those delicious treats.

Have a great day. The sun's come out momentarily. What a thrill!



Gail said...

I like your changes.

Maggie May said...

Quite a pleasing colour but then I am never surprised by your changes, Norah!

So all of Europe is on Winter time then! It is lovely and sunny here though we had a shower this morning.

I wear leggings under my trousers on wintery days. Extra warmth in the playground.

Nuts in May

Connie Rose said...

I like it. It's clean. I've always liked this charcoal color for a background. I like that you keep trying new things, keep mixing it all up. Shows a lot of verve in spite of everything else!

laurie said...

what brand are those boots?

our clocks don't turn back until nov. 1.

i like the gray background and the clean design of your blog.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Well, what a change! I love the seascape.

It must be warm here because I have the windows wide open and the fan on to blow some cold air at me! I'm still sleeping with the window open. I think we are in for a mild winter to make up for the harsher weather last winter. Not that we had more than an inch of snow here - which disappeared very quickly of course. And that is the most snow we've had in more than a decade of me living here (SW peninsular).

You're not doing me any favours talking about all those biscuits, sweets and chocolates, lol.

Happy Sunday,
Bearfriend xx

Anonymous said...

I like the new look too - but I must be biased, because I've liked every new look of your blog since I started reading it! Or maybe you and I have similar tastes?

I wonder why Europe and North America don't do the time change on the same date. Seems to me that there might be a week of some confusion for airlines and businesses that work between the two continents till we switch over here.

We're having a grey, autumnal day here as well. It's only 8 degrees, with rain forecast later this afternoon. I'm glad I didn't clean the house very much yesterday and decided to take advantage of the sun. Today will be much more conducive to housework - if I ever drag myself away from my café au lait and laptop!

Wisewebwoman said...

We have daylight savings time one week later here because of Hallowe'en a day I've always disliked because of the conversion to commercialism and outright greed. My inner geezer speaks.
I too love coffee, GSW, the smell, the taste, the rituals. And yes dunked biscotti are the best. Even rusks are good dunked in cappucino...

Maureen said...

We changed the clocks this past weekend... which is later than it used to be, so our old VCR still changed a week early. So for one week we had to mentally add an hour (the remote no longer works so I couldn't change it back myself!)

Ah well, at least last weekend seemed like a "longer" weekend than usual and I spent my extra 60 minutes repainting an old chair black. I love the way it turned out!